5-year-old Girls Killed in Car Crash Caused by Drunk Driver

At least two 5-year-old girls were reportedly killed from a car crash caused by a woman who was driving under the influence.

Accordingly, reports said that Arlene Anna Hernandez, 22, was driving eastbound while under the influence when she lost control of the 2005 Kia Sedona that she was driving due to her extreme level of intoxication. The minivan fell down the embankment and then landed upside down in the Otay Lake reservoir.

Meanwhile, Hernandez and the man on the passenger seat of the minivan were able to extricate themselves from the vehicle while the two 5-year-old girls at the backseat were only extricated through the help of civilians and other U.S. Border Patrol agents in the area while the paramedics were on their way to the accident scene.

The children were airlifted to Rady Children’s hospital. However, shortly upon hospital arrival, the two minors were pronounced dead. Investigations identified the man on the passenger’s side as Eric Figueroa, while one of the children who died from the incident was identified as Guilana Figueroa, daughter of Eric. Both were residents of La Mesa.

The other girl was identified as Lesette Silva of Chula Vista, but her relation to the other passengers, if any, was not yet determined.

Meanwhile, Hernandez was jailed and being held on a $400,000.00 bail. She will be facing charges, including four counts of felony, gross vehicular manslaughter, cruelty to minor resulting to injury/death, and driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol/drugs resulting to personal injury.

Basically, car crashes occur as a result of the negligence and irresponsibility of drivers who fail to follow proper rules and regulations while on the roadways. Most often, accidents were caused by stubborn individuals driving under the influence.

Over the years, a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney in fact has been a witness to the significantly growing number of people being injured or killed each year due to drunk drivers.

Tom Cruise Allegedly Involved in High-speed Car Chase while in New York with Suri

Photo gives credit to original owner, Kevin Hagen of New York Daily News.

On Wednesday, Tom Cruise was reportedly involved in a high-speed car chase in New York while spending quality time with his daughter Suri after the latter got involved in a minor car crash with her mother last Monday night.

According to reports, the actor and his 6-year-old daughter, Suri, engaged in a high-speed car chase at the west side of Manhattan when they were chased by some paparazzi. Allegedly, Tom Cruise’s driver had to break speed limits and beat through red lights while the actor’s black Chevy Suburban was pursued by photographers in cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles.

The alleged high-speed chase began as Cruise and Suri left the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, New York and ended at the heliport where a chopper is waiting to lift them to New Jersey.

However, in a statement released by Cruise’s spokesperson Amanda Lundberg, she denied that there was any car chase incident that occurred from the hotel to the helipad. Lundberg claimed that there was no such incident that occurred. In fact, police even testified that they had received no complaints of any near accident on Wednesday.

Cruise arrived in New York on Tuesday to see his daughter Suri after the latter and her mom, Katie Holmes, got involved in a Monday evening minor car crash. Also, last Friday, Suri and Katie had a minor vehicle accident with paparazzi as they were heading home from a toy store.

At present, prosecutors in Los Angeles are considering testing the state’s comparatively new anti-paparazzi law in prosecuting photographers who chase several celebrities within the state, according to a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Two-Vehicle Crash Ends Up In Brutal Stabbing

It is natural that a person who was involved in a car crash would get mad or annoyed due to the problems he will probably face due to the incident. However, letting your anger control your actions can lead to bigger problems.

Oakland car crash prompts stabbing

"Two-Vehicle Crash Ends Up In Brutal Stabbing." (photo credit: bp.blogspot)

A recent two-vehicle collision sent a person to the hospital with injuries that were not sustained in the crash, but from a brutal stabbing that followed it.

According to reports, an accident that occurred along Golf Links Road and Scotia Avenue in Oakland caused a passenger in one of the vehicles involved to stab a person inside the other vehicle.

Authorities have arrested the suspect, said reports.

Instead of facing minor problems like having a vehicle repaired, the suspect will likely face jail time or paying a big fine after he has let his emotions dictate his actions.

Hopefully, other drivers will not follow the passenger’s example, especially now that they were given an idea regarding the possible consequences of doing such harsh actions.