Miley Cyrus Accused of Hit-and-Run in LA

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is now the subject of an alleged hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles after a restaurant parking attendant claimed that the teen struck his parked car before speeding off last week.


Former Disney Star Miley Cyrus as accused of running off after hitting a parked car in LA(Photo Credit:

According to reports, Cyrus was driving a white Mercedes SUV when she struck the parked 1991 Camry of the unidentified parking attendant.

Mario Fiore, the attorney of the complainant, insists that the whole incident is a hit-and-run car accident, but it is unlikely to hold because he himself admitted that the Hannah Montana star left her phone number before taking off.

Cyrus representatives have refused to comment on the case, if there is even one.

This case feels like someone trying to make more out of something really small.

Yes, she struck the car, but if she left her information then they cannot claim that she ran way from her duties.

What they should do is make a property damage claim against Miley Cyrus.

If she or her insurance provider does not want to pay, then they can file a lawsuit.

If nothing happens then that is when they should be crying foul on Cyrus.

This entire claim about hit-and-run and going to the media just screams of craving for attention.

Comedian Jeff Ross Shaken after 3-Vehicle Crash

Comedian Jeff Ross was visibly shaken after a multiple car accident in Hollywood yesterday.

celebrity car accident Jeff Ross Shaken 3 vehicle crash

Comedian Jeff Ross points to the damage on his car following a 3-vehicle crash (Photo Credit:

TMZ was on the scene and reported that Ross was not injured and was even able to walk away from the wreck.

Ross took the crash in stride and even joked with the TMZ reporters.

The Roastmaster General of the New York Friar’s Club was even able to drive his Prius after it took a major hit from the other vehicles.

However, the crash was not without incident as one of the motorists was brought to a hospital by LA City Fire Department officers for non-life-threatening injuries.

The cause of the car accident is not clear yet and authorities have not released any information about it yet.

Jeff Ross is known as an insult comic and is a regular in many celebrity roasts in Comedy Central.

He was also the first celebrity to be eliminated in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars where he was infamously poked in the eye during practice resulting to a scratched cornea. .

Comedian Robert Schimmel Passed Away due to Injuries from Rollover Accident

Stand-up comic Robert Schimmel passed away in a Phoenix hospital last Saturday after battling with injuries he sustained from a rollover accident last week.

ccelebrity car accident Robert Schimmel dies_due_to rollover accident

Comedian Robert Schimmel recently passed away due to injuries sustained in a rollover accident (Photo Credit:

The vehicle accident occurred last August 26 when the vehicle that he was riding on his way to Arizona rolled over multiple times after his daughter, who was driving at the time, swerved hard to avoid an oncoming car.

Aliyah, Schimmel’s daughter, is now in stable condition after the crash.

Schimmel, 60, is known for his raunchy comedy style from his appearances on the Howard Stern Show and his HBO specials.

Despite his raunchy and sometimes offending humor, Schimmel is one of the most beloved comedy personalities in Hollywood.

He has been an inspiration to a lot of people especially after his victory over Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2000.

Before the accident, Schimmel was also waiting to be scheduled for a liver transplant after getting cirrhosis due to a Hepatitis-C infected blood transfusion.

Schimmel is survived by his six children.

Our prayers and condolences go out to his family in their time of grief.

NFL Star Shaun Rogers Hailed as Hero after Helping Apprehend DUI Driver in Ohio

This is refreshing news.

We are tired of hearing about celebrity actors and athletes being arrested for drunk driving so I am glad that there are people like Cleveland Browns linesman Shaun Rogers who acted exactly the opposite.

Shaun Rogers

Shaun Rogers (photo credit: TMZ)

Rogers is being hailed as a hero by Middleburg Heights police after helping apprehend a drunk driver who was moving erratically along Interstate 71 last July 15.

According to authorities, Rogers called 911 to report that he was following a car that has a blown tire but still continuous to move maniacally along the freeway.

After giving directions to authorities, Rogers continued to follow the car until it came to a stop in the middle of traffic.

He then pulled up his car behind the other vehicle and activated his emergency lights to alert other vehicles of their presence and avoid vehicle accidents.

The other driver was then arrested after getting a very high BAC on a breath test.

The NFL star was sent a public letter commending him abut his courage and presence of mind.

And rightfully so!!

His actions, though not grand, showed a high sense of responsibility.

You could say that he saved lives that day because it’s just a matter of time before the other driver hit something or someone by the way he is driving if he was not stopped.

Last, he also saved that drunk driver’s life.

Either he could have died in a DUI car accident or he could have ended up behind bars for decades due to vehicular manslaughter.

Shaun Rogers just saved him from that fate, now it is up to him to follow through.