Elderly Driver Dies after Hitting Tree in Saragota

Aging cannot be avoided. When you get old, your body may not be able to function properly, as seen in the number of seniors who suffer from poor eyesight, hearing problems, and other medical conditions.

As a driver, you should always be aware of your driving skills. If you feel that your age is already affecting the way you drive, it is advisable that you give up your license in order to avoid sustaining injuries or even dying in an accident.

A 70-year-old male driver recently died after he slammed into a tree in Saragota.

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, the 1979 Volkswagen Beetle being driven by Bob Pease, from San Francisco, slammed head-on into a tree while he was moving out of the Mountain Winery driveway.

Pease died immediately due to the impact. He was not wearing his seatbelt when the solo-car accident occurred.

Authorities have not yet determined whether alcohol was involved in the incident.

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Almost 250 Drivers Receive Traffic Ticket Due to Distracted Driving

Driving a vehicle is a complicated activity because you will need to consider different factors at once like your speed, road conditions, and the behavior of drivers around you. If you get distracted while behind the wheel, there is a high chance that you will be involved in an accident.

Cell phone use is one of the most common sources of driver distraction. In an effort to stop drivers from using this gadget while behind the wheel, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and California Office of Traffic Safety has launched a “distracted driver awareness program” last month.

According to reports, Huntington Beach authorities issued about 27 tickets due to texting while driving and 222 tickets due to other offenses connected to cell phone use.

It was also stated in reports that around 20,500 traffic tickets were issued in the state due to various violations.

Almost 1,000 Drivers Receive Traffic Ticket Due to Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use while driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents because it prevents drivers from immediately reacting to possible dangers that they may encounter while behind the wheel.

In an effort to reduce accidents that are caused by it, sheriff’s deputies, Valley California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, and other policies officers have enforced a zero tolerance campaign, which took effect from Kern County to Mariposa and Stanislaus counties.

According to authorities, close to 1,000 tickets were issued during the said campaign due to different reasons like reading text messages and texting while driving as well as other violations that are related to distracted driving.

Hopefully, this campaign will raise drivers’ awareness regarding the drastic effects of these violations.

Over 500 People Arrested During Winter Holiday Anti-DUI Crackdown in O.C.

Holidays are often celebrated with alcoholic beverages so it is not unusual to see drunken drivers and individuals during these times.

In an effort to stop DUI-related accidents during the Christmas and New Year season, authorities have implemented the Winter Holiday Anti-DUI crackdown which lasted for two weeks.

The crackdown, which resulted in 504 arrests, ended at the start of 2011. It included at least 38 special deployments in the area and also involved the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol (CHP), and police agencies.

These hundreds of people were arrested on suspicion of DUI from December 17 until December 31, said the Sheriff’s Department.

CHP Officer Injured, Hospitalized after being involved in Chain Accident

car accident CHP officer Injured in chain accident

A CHP officer was brought to the hospital after sustaining injuries in a crash on the northbound 241 toll road (photo credit: policecarpics.com)

Police officers often put their lives at risk in order to save others from possible harm. A California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer sustained moderate injuries after he was hit by a vehicle while trying to help a driver who has a disabled Mercedes

According to reports, the male officer was dispatched at the Santiago Canyon Road in Orange County at around 4:40 p.pm. He was inside his patrol car when a 2009 Nissan driver lost control of the vehicle.

Police said the Nissan may have hit the patrol car, causing it to crash into the Mercedes or may have hit the Mercedes, causing it to crash into the patrol car. The investigation may hopefully reveal all the facts that are related to the accident.

The dispatched officer suffered from moderate injuries while the Nissan driver sustained major injuries. They were rushed to Western Medical Center in order to be treated for their injuries.

CHP Sponsors Teen/Parent Driving Safety Fair to Prevent Road Accidents


The CHP will be sponsoring a Parent/Teen Driving Safety Fair in Roseville (photo credit: santaclaritacitybriefs.com)

Road accidents stand as one of the leading causes of deaths for both teen and adult drivers in the United States. In an effort to reduce the number of accidents that often occur in the country, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) sponsored an event called Teen/Parent Driving Safety Fair in Roseville.

Reports said the event, which will take place at the All American Speedway on Thursday at 3:30-5:30pm , was also sponsored by Bill McAnally Racing and Impact Teen Drivers.

The said fair will offer information booths and safety workshops for around 30 teenagers who are aged 14-17 as well as their parents.

According to reports, participants will have the chance to drive a safety course along the track.

The event is a part of the National Teen Driver Safety Week. It was offered in the aim of raising awareness regarding the dangers of distracted and reckless driving because these two are the leading causes of fatal road accidents involving teenagers.

DUI Checkpoints Set up Across California for Independence Day Weekend

Its Independence Day weekend and I am sure many of us have plans for celebration.

There will be fireworks and lots of booze!!!

Just remember guys DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

DUI Checkpoints in California for Independence Day Weekend

DUI Checkpoints in California for Independence Day Weekend. (photo credit: abrokenlaptop.wordpress)

And if possible car accidents are not enough as a deterrent for drunk driving; various California law enforcement agencies will also be conducting DUI checkpoints in various locations.

The LAPD will be setting up their checkpoints at:

• Cahuenga Boulevard and Broadlawn Drive North Hollywood tonight at 6pm -1am
• Florence Avenue between Broadway and Main Street tomorrow (Saturday) between 6pm-1am

San Diego Police will also be setting up checkpoints over the weekend in Oceanside, Chula Vista, Oceanside and Escondido.

The CHP on their part announced that a maximum enforcement period will start at 6pm tonight and will last for 78 hours.

All available CHP officers will be on patrol during that period, which will end midnight on Monday.

Take note, these are just some of the DUI checkpoints that were set up and does not represent all law enforcement programs against DUI this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Independence Day from us here in Injury in the CIty

“American Pie” Actor Chris Klein Arrested for DUI in 101 Freeway

Remember Chris Klein, the good-looking guy from American Pie?

DUI Chris Klein

DUI Chris Klein

No, not the guy who stuck his “thing” into the apple pie; I am talking about the other guy.

If you still do not remember him, well, I don’t really blame you because it seems that it has been a while since we heard any news abut him.

But he is in the news now!!

Unfortunately, though, not in a good way.

Chris Klein has been arrested yesterday for suspicion of DUI in Sherman Oaks.

According to reports, Klein was spotted by CHP officers drifting from one lane to the other on the Westbound Ventura (101) near Woodsman Avenue past 3:00am.

When he was tested for his BAC, the result was a very high 0.20 – more than double the legal limit.

He was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

This is his second DUI arrest in the past 6 years.

Anyway, fortunately for him, he got arrested before he got involved in a car accident.

He might have already been really out of it with that high level of BAC.

If he did not get arrested, who knows what would have happened.

He could be facing serious jail time for vehicular manslaughter instead of just DUI or worse, he could have ended up dead.

Just another Hollywood tragedy.

Hopefully this serves as a wake up call so he can turn things around.

Riverside Collision Kills Man and his Daughter

A head-on collision in Riverside the other night claimed the life of three people, including a man and his daughter.

The incident happened along Florida Avenue along Highway 74 when the Chevy Malibu that 30-year-old Donald Graves was driving drifted on the opposite lane and collided with a Honda Accord.

Graves and the Accord Driver, Andrew Huizar, 20, died at the scene of the car accident.

Grave’s three year old daughter Dakota, who was in a backward facing car seat, was also pronounced dead later at the Hemet Valley Medical Center.

One of the possible causes that is being looked at by CHP is that Graves may have made a dangerous turn along the highway.

Our prayers go out to the families of the victims.

We heard that it could really be dangerous on that stretch right there.

Some even call that stretch of Highway 74 “Bloody Alley” because there are a lot of major accidents happening in the area.

Hope motorist that are passing the area will be more careful especially when negotiating turns.

Driver Loses her Mother to a Rollover Accident Because of a Dropped Ice Cream

A 25-year-old woman lost her mother in a rollover accident all because of a dropped ice cream.

Rollover accident due to dropped ice cream

"Driver Loses her Mother to a Rollover Accident Because of a Dropped Ice Cream." (photo credit: capetowndailyphoto.com)

According to CHP, the woman was driving a Toyota Prius with her mom as passenger along the eastbound lane of Interstate 40 when she dropped her ice cream and everything went wrong from there.

Her mom removed her seatbelt and they tried to clean up the mess but that took her attention off the road and the vehicle started to drift.

And running at 70 mph, the driver lost control and the car rolled over in the median.

Her mother was ejected from the vehicle because she was no longer wearing her seatbelt while she may have broken her arm.

Distractions are actually the most common cause of car accidents.

DUI and reckless driving may be the one that grabs the headlines the most but there are actually more accidents caused by unfocused drivers.

It may not always be fatal but it is no less dangerous.

And as shown by what happened to the woman and her mother, it just takes a moment of distraction to cause a tragedy.