Boy Dies after Attack by Family Dog

A 2 year-old boy in San Diego died after he was attacked by their family’s dog inside their house in a military housing area.

Boy dies after dog attack

Aaron Carlson, 2, Was Mauled By His Family’s German Shepherd Mix Dog On Saturday. (photo credit:

Aaron Carlson was in a second floor bedroom of their Tierrasanta house with his siblings when he was reportedly attacked by the German shepherd that the family owned for about six months. The boy’s eldest sibling was said to have summoned their mother who was sleeping downstairs when the boy was mauled by the dog.

He was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital where he later died from injuries. There were no other similar incidents reported about the dog before the recent attack occurred.

Authorities are yet to learn what caused the attack but they said that no one will likely be charged in this unfortunate accident.

It is never the intention of the parents to place their child at risk. Sadly, a seemingly harmless family dog has taken the boy’s life.

The number of reports on dogs attacking children is alarming. Parents should now be more cautious and never let their young child play with any dogs without supervision.

6-Month-Old Baby Attacked by Dog in Murrieta

Doctors had to remove the testicles of a 6-month-old boy after he was attacked by 2 dogs at a Murrieta apartment last weekend.

Dog attack 6 month boy in Murrieta

"Two dogs are set to be euthanized after attacking a 6-month-old boy at a Murrieta apartment. The dogs bit the boy's groin area and apparently severed his testicles." (photo credit:

According to reports, the mother of the child left the baby in a carrier on the floor of a room at her friend’s apartment with a pitbull and a pitbull mix.

It is not yet clear whether both dogs attacked the boy.

The dog or dogs apparently torn off the diaper firs then attacked the baby on the groin area.

The mother and her friend came to the baby’s rescue after hearing the boy’s cries.

The baby was taken to Rancho Springs Medical Center and then transferred to another hospital.

There is no update yet on the boy’s condition but hopefully he is ok.

No arrests were made on the incident.

While I am not one to judge, I do think that the dog attack could have been averted.

I know people treat their dogs like family and trust them whole heartedly, but we have got to remember that they are animals and they have different sets of instincts than humans and leaving a child, much less a baby, alone with them is dangerous.

And many of us know that of all dogs, pitbulls are one of the breeds most prone to aggressive tendencies.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t raise them as pets, but we should always keep in mind that no matter how domesticated they are, their animal instincts can kick in any time and attack someone.

So what I am saying is that if you are going to own a pet, especially one with an aggressive nature, you should take proper measures to ensure that people will be safe from them.

Family Dog Attacks, Kills Reality Star’s Child

The 4-year-old stepdaughter of “Ax Men” star Jesse Browning was recently killed after one of the two Rottweilers owned by the family mauled her to death.

Ashlynn Anderson was airlifted to Oregon Health & Science University hospital in Portland but was declared dead upon arrival due to massive loss of blood. The child was reportedly found by her mother bloodied on their lawn.

According to reports, the family had to euthanize another Rottweiler four months ago as it attacked an adult family member. Both dogs living with the family at the time of the recent attack were removed from the residence with the family’s request. The family is yet to decide whether to euthanize or put the dogs up for adoption.

Jesse Browning stars in a reality TV show in The History Channel which features his father’s logging company.

The death of a child is always sad but Ashlynn’s death is heartbreaking. She was mauled by an animal she considered as her pet. Also, the family is not new to Rottweiler attacks as someone was previously attacked by one of their dogs.

Her death could have been avoided if only her parents considered the attack a serious threat to Ashlynn and her 1-year-old sibling.