Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attack that Injured Two Kids, Babysitter

Parents should always make sure that the pet they are getting would not threaten the safety of their young children or anyone living in the property. For those who own pit bulls and other dogs that are known to violently attack people, then, they must make sure that these dogs are safely kept in a place where they cannot attack people.

Recently, a 6-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy, and their 28-year-old babysitter were attacked by two pit bulls owned by the girl’s parent in Stockton. The girl had broken her arm and had bites on parts of her body while the boy suffered dog bite on his hand and the babysitter, on her ankle.

When authorities arrived at the house, they found the pit bulls attacking other dogs surrounded by metal fence. They shot the pit bulls and had to euthanize the two dogs they attacked.

Accidents like this will traumatize the children and result to damages and fines that the owner would have to pay. To avoid such things from happening, it would be best to keep the dogs safe and the children safer.

Five Dogs Attack Four Kids, Mother

A pack of dogs described as pit bulls and pit bull mixes attacked four children ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 who were being walked by their mother to a nearby park in Fontana recently.

Dogs attack kids

Dogs attack kids

The five big dogs were said to have escaped from a nearby backyard through holes in the fence.

A report of the incident indicates that the youngest child was snatched from her mother and was mauled by one of the dogs until rescuers were able to help the children by scaring the dogs away.

One of the dogs was shot as it charged when officers tried to contain the animals. The other four were taken to San Bernardino City Animal Shelter where they will be quarantined.

The five-year-old girl remains to be in critical condition in Loma Linda University Medical Center after sustaining broken ribs and bite wounds. She is on a ventilator as the dog attack also punctured her lungs.

Two of her siblings were also bitten as they tried to escape the attack while the eldest, an eight-year-old by, was free from any dog bite injury.

The owner of the dogs expressed regret over the situation but he is likely to face charges because of his negligence in making sure that his animals would not be able to hurt anyone.

Is Christina Milian an Irresponsible Dog Owner?

Dog owners will be held liable for the injuries an individual sustains after being attacked by their pet, especially if it was proven that the incident occurred due to their negligence.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Actress Christina Milian is now facing a lawsuit filed by her 81-year-old neighbor who claims that he was attacked by one of her dogs in 2008. The man wants to be compensated for the canine’s brutality.

Leo Skolion filed this case against the actress and her family in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging that their negligence resulted to the incident that left him suffering from serious personal injuries.

Skolion stated that the trouble began in October 2008, when Milian’s home had some flooding problems, which damaged a gate that was built between their properties.

He reportedly went to Milian’s house to talk to her family about having the gate fixed when the dog suddenly attacked him and bit a big chuck out of his back arm.

The elderly further stated that he needed 19 stitches and about nine months of rehabilitation just to be fine again. In addition, he still needs to acquire psychiatric assistance to overcome his depression and fear.

The lawsuit asks for an undetermined amount from the actress, her mother, and sister.

Complex legal problems may suddenly arise due to a simple negligent act of not securing an animal properly. Pet owners should keep their dogs in a secured area, away from people who may suddenly be attacked by it.