DUI Arrests in Orange County during Labor Day Weekend Increase in 2011

The effects of driving while intoxicated are well known to people, specifically drivers. However, many drivers still commit this violation, as seen in the number of DUI arrests made in Orange County last Labor Day weekend.

According to reports, about 262 people were arrested for DUI from Friday to Monday. This number is significantly higher compared to the 187 recorded DUI arrests last holiday weekend in 2010.

Accidents caused by driver intoxication may cause injuries and may claim the lives of innocent people so using drugs or drinking alcohol before driving a vehicle should be strictly avoided.

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SDPD Officer Commits Suicide amidst DUI, Hit-and-Run Controversy

Reputation is very important, especially to those who are supposed to serve as role models to ordinary people. Being involved in a controversy or a legal procedure can damage your name, but it should not be used as a reason for ending your own life.

A San Diego Police Department officer committed suicide while facing charges of felony hit-and-run and DUI.

According to reports, Officer David Christopher Hall shot himself to death at his house located along the 3300 block of Ashford Street in Kearny Mesa.

In February 2011, the officer was involved in a DUI-related collision in Serra Mesa and he allegedly fled afterwards.

On May 2, he pleaded not guilty to the mentioned charges.

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LA Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Not Guilty to Hit-and-Run and DUI Charges after Collision

Authorities, as advocates of the law, are expected to comply with it. If they failed to do so, they may also be required to undergo the litigation process and to face the penalties of their violation.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy identified as Michael Anthony Grundy, 45, recently pleaded not guilty to two felony counts which are related to hit-and-run and DUI.

The charges stemmed from an accident which occurred last January.

The deputy collided with another car along an intersection. The other motorist was injured as a result of the incident. Instead of helping the motorist, he chose to flee the accident area.

Fortunately, he was seen by to other deputies. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers then arrested him.

He is being accused of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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Almost 150 Drivers Arrested for DUI during Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend was created in order for people to remember the soldiers who have given up their lives for the country. However, other people chose to party, drink, or get high during the holiday weekend, as seen in the number of drivers who were arrested for DUI during this period in Orange County.

According to reports, around 148 people were arrested on suspicion of DUI. This number is slightly higher compared to the 139 arrests that were made the previous year.

Authorities arrested people after performing saturation patrols and setting up checkpoints all over the area.

Although this move was done in order to lessen the risks of an accident during the Memorial Day weekend, some people were reportedly killed after they encountered a negligent and/or intoxicated driver.

Police Officer Avoids Jail Time after Pleading Guilty to DUI

It can be disappointing to know that there are authorities who have no respect for traffic rules, which they are required to enforce.

An off-duty Long Beach police officer identified as Eddie Sanchez, 30, recently pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge. He was able to avoid jail time, but was sentenced to three years of informal probation, three months of alcohol awareness classes, and 20 days of community service.

Prosecutors said the officer went to a bar and was then seen swerving in and out lanes while on his way to Stanton last May 24.

Sanchez was not able to accelerate even after the traffic light turned green in Garden Grove. His engine was then turned off by another driver, claimed prosecutors.

Reports said he had a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .16 at the time of his arrest.

9-Year-Old Killed in Single Fatal Car Accident in Temecula

We found this heartbreaking story at PE.com.

A fatal single car accident in Temecula claimed the life of a 9-year-old girl and seriously injured her 17-year-old step brother.

The tragedy is that the likely cause of the accident is that their mother was probably under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol when the crash happened.

According to reports, Karen Faye Honeycutt, 41, just picked up her two children Chloe, 9, and Zachery, 8, from Pauba Elementary with her step son Charles Williams Jr., 17.

They were on their way to Great Oaks High where another of her children was studying when Honeycutt lost control of her Jeep Grand Cherokee on Vail Ranch Parkway.

The Jeep proceeded to crash into a concrete light and then slammed into a tree.

Chloe and Charles, who may not have been wearing seatbelts, were thrown out of the vehicle.

Lorraine Yelton of Temecula, who was driving with her daughters, saw the crash and stopped at the scene.

Another person helped Honeycutt while she focused her attention on Chloe, who sustained very serious injuries due to the crash.

As Lorraine felt that Chloe was slipping away she comforted the child by singing to her and prayed for her.

Chloe died in her arms in peace.

That is when their brother from Great Oaks High arrived from school recognizing the crash and witnessing the tragedy that befell his family.

He asked Lorraine why her sister is not talking and deep inside he may already know the answer.

Charles, meanwhile, sustained serious back injuries had to be transported to a nearby hospital with Zachary who sustained minor injuries.

Karen Honeycutt, on the other hand, sustained neck injuries and is being detained in a hospital ward after being charged with suspicion of drunken driving and murder.

She was allegedly moving in vey high speeds and when asked about what happened after the crash, she does not seem to remember.

This prompted authorities to get her tested to see if she was under the influence.

As of writing, there was no information about the test results yet.

For the full story, check “Crash witness recounts girl’s final minutes.”

Original American Gladiator Host Mike Adamle Booked for DUI

celebrity dui mike adamle arrested

Mike Adamle, host of the original American Gladiators was arrested in Chicago after blowing through a stop sign (photo credit: suntimes.com)

Mike Adamle – the host of the original American Gladiators – has just been booked for drunken driving in Chicago yesterday morning.

According to TMZ, Adamle was aboard his 2002 BMW when he ran through a stop sign just outside the Chicago area.

Fortunately, he was stopped by police officers before he caused a car accident because he was apparently drunk.

He was then taken to Evanston Police station after failing a field sobriety test.

While at the station, Adamle apparently exhibited some erratic behaviors so he was brought to Evanston Hospital for a drug test.

The result of the test is till pending but he is already scheduled to appear in court on Valentines Day.

This is a big blow for the TV icon’s image but like any other celebrity; he will surely bounce back from this debacle.

All we could hope for is that he learns his lesson and be an advocate against drunk driving and not the suspect after this.

Adamle was also a freelance staffer at WMAQ where he also appeared on weekend newscasts and it’s “Sport’s Sunday” show.

Modesto Police Officer Sentenced after Pleading Guilty to DUI

We expect that authorities will be the first ones who will follow the law because it is their job to uphold and enforce it. If they failed to do so, they will also be punished for their wrong actions, just like ordinary citizens.

A male Modesto police officer has been sentenced to seven days in prison after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DUI. He admitted that he had a blood alcohol content of 0.20% while he was driving his Jeep Wrangler on Nov. 2.

In addition, he also pleaded no contest to driving with an open container in the vehicle.

Being drunk is likely the reason why he crashed his vehicle off Scenic Drive, down an embankment.

According to reports, the police officer was identified as Todd Joseph Parsons, 42. He was off-duty when the accident occurred.

It is fortunate that no one else was inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Parsons was sentenced to jail, but he can avoid being behind bars by participating in a work release program.

Over 500 People Arrested During Winter Holiday Anti-DUI Crackdown in O.C.

Holidays are often celebrated with alcoholic beverages so it is not unusual to see drunken drivers and individuals during these times.

In an effort to stop DUI-related accidents during the Christmas and New Year season, authorities have implemented the Winter Holiday Anti-DUI crackdown which lasted for two weeks.

The crackdown, which resulted in 504 arrests, ended at the start of 2011. It included at least 38 special deployments in the area and also involved the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol (CHP), and police agencies.

These hundreds of people were arrested on suspicion of DUI from December 17 until December 31, said the Sheriff’s Department.

Speeding, Drunken Driver Arrested after Crashing into Patrol Vehicle

A speeding and drunken driver has been arrested after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a patrol SUV in Rohnert Park.

dui car accident drunk_driver crashes car into police suv

A suspected drunk driver was arrested after crashing his car into a police SUV(Photo Credit: cbs5.com)

According to reports, the driver Joshua Hicks, 27, from Rohnert Park, tried to flee after hitting the SUV.

Fortunately, Sgt. Dave Welch was not seriously injured in the crash. He was able to pin the driver’s vehicle against the curb.

Hicks refused to cooperate with the authorities so he was forcibly removed from the vehicle. His Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at that time is 0.16, said reports.

Welch received medical treatment for back, shoulder, and right arm pain at the scene.