1-Year-Old Girl Struck and Killed by Pickup Truck

Children should always be supervised by an adult, especially if they are walking along a road that is occupied by many vehicles.

A 1-year-old girl recently died after she suddenly ran towards the path of a pickup of truck along Road 21 north of Avenue 7 in Madera County.

According to the authorities, the pickup driver identified as Jose Gallegos, 63, from Fresno, tried to stop the vehicle when he saw the toddler. However, the girl was still hit by the vehicle and she sustained fatal injuries because of it.

This accident would have been avoided if someone stopped the girl from running into the vehicle’s path.

Fresno Man Arrested for Selling Alcohol to Minor Killed in 2009 DUI Car Crash

For all intents and purposes, I think we all know that selling alcohol to kids below 21 is illegal.

Most liquor stores follow the rule, the others… not so much.

dui car accident Fresno man arrested sold alcohol to minor

Paramjit Singh, of Fresno, was arrested after investigations revealed that he have sold alcohol to a minor who died in a car crash last year (Photo Credit: washingtonpost.com)

The question is, is it worth it?

Well, that is probably what Paramjit Singh of Fresno is thinking about right now after he was arrested following a series of investigations that discovered he allegedly sold alcohol to 18-year-old Jose Antonio Barriga last November 29, 2009 while working at “Uncle Tom’s Liquor Store.”

Later that night, Barriga also went behind the wheel and consequently crashed into a parked vehicle and a telephone pole.

Barriga and 2 of his passengers, a 16-year-old male and a 13-year-old female, were killed in the fatal car accident.

An investigation was immediately conducted by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)and their findings led them to Singh who was arrested last Monday for selling alcohol to minors.

Uncle Tom’s Liquor also faces license revocation after ABC filed administrative actions against them.

Yes, Singh is only arrested with a misdemeanor charge and yes, Uncle Tom will get a license to open again even if it will be closed for some time.

But still, the thought that one simple action can lead to a chain of events that ends up in a tragedy will forever haunt them.

I hope this becomes a lesson to us all.

Our actions can have further reach than we might expect.

Bicyclist Dies when Hit by Vehicle in Fresno

Bicyclists are defenseless when they encounter negligent drivers, considering that the bicycle they are using cannot provide them with the

bicycle accident biyclcist dies after collission with vehicle Fresno

A bicyclist was killed after being struck by a vehicle in Fresno (photo credit: phonebookoftheworld.com)

protection they need.

A male bicyclist recently died after he was struck by a vehicle along the 900 block of North Parkway Avenue in Fresno last weekend.

The Fresno County Coroner’s Office has identified the bicyclist as Ignacio Rebullosa, 60, from Fresno.

The motorist was arrested by the authorities. Reports show that a pedestrian was also struck and injured by the same person. Fortunately, the pedestrian survived the incident, unlike the bicyclist.

Driver Dies after Plunging into Canal

A 68-year-old pickup driver, from Atwater, met a watery death after his pickup struck a concrete canal bank and plunged into a canal, which was full of water.

According to reports, the man was traveling northbound on Shaffer Road along north of Palm Avenue in Fresno when the accident occurred.

The driver would have been alive today if he did not try to overtake a big rig driven by Francisco Ochoa, 40, also from Atwater.

The man reportedly moved towards the southbound lane in an effort to overtake the big rig. When he noticed that a number of vehicles were approaching, he decided to return to his original lane.

However, the vehicle’s rear clipped the big-rig’s front, which caused it to spin out of control.

The driver was airlifted to a hospital in Modesto where he was pronounced dead.

He is the sole occupant of the pickup when the accident took place.

Boy dies in Fresno motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents can be deadly, considering that the rider’s body is unprotected against dangerous forces.

In fact, a 4-year-old boy was recently killed due to his involvement in a motorcycle accident that happened near Woodville in Fresno.

Reports stated that Paul Martinez died after the motorcycle that he was riding on suddenly hit a cable strung across a dirt road along a private property.

Both the boy and the driver who was identified as Eduardo Martinez, 20, from Woodville, were ejected from the motorcycle along northwest of Road 168 and Avenue 168.

Reports said Paul was announced dead at the Sierra View District Hospital in Porterville. Meanwhile, Eduardo was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for moderate to major injuries.

According to authorities, both of them were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Dog Attack leaves Toddler with Serious Injuries

It is sad to know that more and more people are being hurt by animals that are supposedly there to protect us from dangers and provide us with a sense of security.

In fact, an 18-month-old girl, from Farmersville, sustained serious injuries after she was reportedly attacked by a dog, which is owned by her baby sitter.

According to reports, both the toddler and her baby sitter were near a door, which leads to the backyard of a house along 500 block of North Ventura Street in Fresno, when the incident occurred.

The little girl was suddenly grabbed by the dog. She was then dragged right into the backyard.

Reports said the attack ended when a 17-year-old boy restrained the dog after he heard the girl scream.

The toddler was rushed to Community Regional Medical Center to receive treatment for lacerations to her face and head, scratches all over her body, and puncture wounds. She is now under a critical condition.

Meanwhile, the baby sitter sustained wounds on her arm. She may also have a broken finger.

The dog, which is a mix between a boxer and shepherd, was placed under custody. A hearing was set to determine whether the animal will be released or euthanized.

Children Hurt in Train Collision

It is important to yield to a red light especially when crossing train tracks so that serious accidents will be prevented. Drivers should never undermine the dangers involved in crossing train tracks when they have red lights against them.

Two children, aged 1 and 2, sustained serious injuries after their vehicle was hit by a passing train in Fresno recently.

It is reported that the female driver of the vehicle thought that the flashing red light was for a stationary train and so she decided to cross the train tracks while five people were on the car.

The woman and two other passengers, including a 3-year-old boy, sustained minor injuries. No one in the 109 passengers of the train heading to Bakersfield was reportedly injured though the train was delayed for more than two hours.

Motorists should be extra careful in crossing train tracks especially if they have children onboard who can be injured easily.

Former Deputy Faces DUI Charges

Police officers are tasked to enforce the law so we can assume that they have extensive knowledge regarding the rights and duties of everyone. It can be pretty disappointing to know that a former deputy may have forgotten his obligations when he drove his squad car erratically during a rush-traffic, while he was still a member of the police department.

According to reports, Fresno police arrested Brian Hills last Dec 23. along Bullard Avenue. The former deputy reportedly said that he was on his way home after the end of his work shift.

Toxicology reports revealed that prescription drugs, which surpassed the effective level, were in Hills’ drug system when he was arrested. This may have contributed to his wild driving behavior.

Hills said he took one Klonopin pill and four Benadryl allergy pills, which may be bought over-the-counter.

Klonopin is a medication for panic attacks and seizures.

He is now facing a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence, said reports.

It remains unclear whether Hills voluntarily resigned or was terminated following his arrest.

Wrong-Way Driver Kills Family of Three

Motorists’ negligence has caused serious vehicular crashes that resulted to fatalities through the years.

Wrong-way driver kills family

Wrong-way driver kills family of three. (photo credit: bbc)

Most of these negligent drivers are still locked up somewhere for their violations and the lives they’ve ruined because of their carelessness.

This guy will probably end up there too.

A recent head-on collision in Fresno has claimed three lives after a westbound 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe drove on the eastbound lane of Jensen Avenue and slammed against a 1997 Ford Escort where a family of three was riding.

The parents identified as Donald and Arlene Fisher, aged 77 and 74 respectively, died at the scene while their son, 55-year-old Brian Fisher died moments later after being bought to Community Regional Medical Center.

It was not immediately reported whether the driver of the Tahoe was injured and he wasn’t identified by authorities either.

I sure hope he realizes the pain and suffering that the family members of the demised are experiencing because of his negligence.