SDPD Officer Commits Suicide amidst DUI, Hit-and-Run Controversy

Reputation is very important, especially to those who are supposed to serve as role models to ordinary people. Being involved in a controversy or a legal procedure can damage your name, but it should not be used as a reason for ending your own life.

A San Diego Police Department officer committed suicide while facing charges of felony hit-and-run and DUI.

According to reports, Officer David Christopher Hall shot himself to death at his house located along the 3300 block of Ashford Street in Kearny Mesa.

In February 2011, the officer was involved in a DUI-related collision in Serra Mesa and he allegedly fled afterwards.

On May 2, he pleaded not guilty to the mentioned charges.

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LA Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Not Guilty to Hit-and-Run and DUI Charges after Collision

Authorities, as advocates of the law, are expected to comply with it. If they failed to do so, they may also be required to undergo the litigation process and to face the penalties of their violation.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy identified as Michael Anthony Grundy, 45, recently pleaded not guilty to two felony counts which are related to hit-and-run and DUI.

The charges stemmed from an accident which occurred last January.

The deputy collided with another car along an intersection. The other motorist was injured as a result of the incident. Instead of helping the motorist, he chose to flee the accident area.

Fortunately, he was seen by to other deputies. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers then arrested him.

He is being accused of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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Police in Search of Hit-and-Run Driver Responsible for Pedestrian’s Death

Motorists are required to stop their vehicle after an accident and wait for authorities and medical personnel at the scene.

A sports utility vehicle or sedan driver who refused to do so is now being searched by the authorities.

According to reports, the driver struck and killed a 60-year-old man while traveling east near the corner of H Street and Northpark Boulevard in San Bernardino.

The man was crossing the street when the accident occurred. He was announced dead at St. Bernadine Medical Center.

Juliette Lewis Injured in Burbank Hit-and-Run Car Accident

Hollywood actress and musician Juliette Lewis was sent to a hospital following a hit-and-run car accident in Burbank last week.

The car accident occurred Wednesday evening after Lewis left an event to promote her new movie “Conviction.”

celebrity car accident Juliette Lewis injured hit and run accident

Actress and musician Juliette Lewis was injured following a hit-and-run crash in Burbank last week(photo credit:

According to reports, Lewis was on the backseat of a Lincoln Town car when a Honda ran a stoplight and t-boned their vehicle.

The Honda was found a few distances away from the crash but the driver has already left the scene.

The unidentified driver will be facing a felony hit-and-run charge once he (or she) is found.

Lewis, on the other hand complained of pain in her head, neck and back so she was quickly transported to a hospital for testing.

Aside from pain, she also sustained some bruising due to the car accident.

Fortunately, her injuries were not serious.

Lewis’ rep has told UsMagazine that “The Sedan Juliette was traveling in was completely totaled. Ms. Lewis went to the hospital to be checked out and is a bit banged up and sore, but otherwise thankfully okay. She is now resting at home.”

Lewis is popularly known for her roles in Martin Scorsese’s remake of Cape Fear and the iconic Mallory Knox in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers.

She also recently parted ways with the Licks and has since formed a new band, The New Romantiques.

Miley Cyrus Accused of Hit-and-Run in LA

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is now the subject of an alleged hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles after a restaurant parking attendant claimed that the teen struck his parked car before speeding off last week.


Former Disney Star Miley Cyrus as accused of running off after hitting a parked car in LA(Photo Credit:

According to reports, Cyrus was driving a white Mercedes SUV when she struck the parked 1991 Camry of the unidentified parking attendant.

Mario Fiore, the attorney of the complainant, insists that the whole incident is a hit-and-run car accident, but it is unlikely to hold because he himself admitted that the Hannah Montana star left her phone number before taking off.

Cyrus representatives have refused to comment on the case, if there is even one.

This case feels like someone trying to make more out of something really small.

Yes, she struck the car, but if she left her information then they cannot claim that she ran way from her duties.

What they should do is make a property damage claim against Miley Cyrus.

If she or her insurance provider does not want to pay, then they can file a lawsuit.

If nothing happens then that is when they should be crying foul on Cyrus.

This entire claim about hit-and-run and going to the media just screams of craving for attention.

3-Year-Old Kid Killed in Pedestrian Accident in Encanto

A 3-year-old kid’s life was tragically taken away after an unfortunate pedestrian accident in Encanto, San Diego.

According to reports, the boy who was identified as Japeth Darapeth was playing with a dog and his 12-year-old brother when the animal ran from them.

Pedesrian Accident in Encanto

3-year-old child killed in Encanto area by car driven by 19-year-old man. (photo credit:

The brother told Japeth that he was going to get the dog and asked him to stay put.

A few seconds after, Japeth was hit by a Green Toyota Corolla.

Japeth was brought to Children’s Hospital where he was announced dead some time later.

The driver was identified as 19-year-old Samuel Metu and he claims that he thought that he just hit something like a speed bump that is why he did not stop immediately.

He did return to the scene where he was interviewed then arrested as a hit-and-run driver by the police.

It is a tragedy for the family and especially Japeth’s older brother for having to witness all this at a young age.

Hopefully the family can get strength from each other and their friends to recover and move on from this.

Our thoughts and prayers goes to the Darapeth family.

2 Killed in Contra Costa Motorcycle Accident

Two people were killed after the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a Honda Civic in Contra Costa County this afternoon.

According to the California Highway patrol, the Honda Civic was forced to crash into the motorcycle after a black Ford F-250 made an unsafe lane change on the eastbound lane of State Highway 4 near Lone Tree Way at around 4:40 pm.

Motorcycle Accident Antioch Crash

“Two people on this motorcycle were killed in a crash near Antioch Tuesday afternoon.” (photo credit:

The Ford F2-50, which was towing a white boat, was tailgating the Honda Civic before he made the unsafe maneuver.

The driver of the Ford did not stop after the accident and is now being searched for by the police as a hit-and-run driver.

The driver and passenger of the motorcycle were brought to the Kaiser Permanente Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Hopefully the driver of the Ford will be found by authorities immediately.

Although he was not in the collision, his actions proximately caused the motorcycle accident.

If not for his alleged negligence, starting from his tailgating to his unsafe lane change maneuver, the collision between the Honda Civic and the motorcycle would not have occurred and lives would not have been lost.

Skateboarder Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

Even if we are not at fault in an accident, we are required by law to stop our vehicle, exchange information and provide reasonable assistance to those who are injured.

Hit and Run Accident Skateboarder Injured

“Skateboarder injured by hit-and-run driver.” (photo credit:

Unfortunately, that did not happen when a 22-year-old skateboarder was struck by an unknown driver in San Diego last Sunday.

According to San Diego Police, the hit-and-run accident happened when the skateboarder, who entered the intersection of Olney Street and Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach on a red light, was struck by an unidentified vehicle at about 3:00 am.

The skateboarder sustained huge lacerations and broken leg from the vehicle accident.

It is weird that the vehicle did not stop.

By the reports coming out, it looks like the accident is more the skateboarder’s fault for entering the intersection on a red light.

If the skateboarder did file a personal injury claim against the driver, it would have been up to his insurance company to take care of it and they would probably work hard to prove that the accident was indeed the skateboarder’s fault.

In any case, it is fortunate that the skateboarder did not sustain more serious injuries.

As of now, the San Diego police have not released any description of the hit-and-run vehicle.

However, if you have information on the accident, you might want to call the San Diego Police at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154

Injury in The City Tips: What to Do After a Car Accident?

Here at injury in the city, we like to spread around helpful information about accidents and injuries.

So we thought we would start giving out tips that you can use to prevent accidents or to guide you if ever you are involved in one.

To kick things off, I would like to start with what you should do once you got involved in a car accident.

I think this is appropriate since most of the news we post here are of the vehicle accident variety, not to mention that it causes almost 40,000 deaths in the US every year.

So here goes, if you got involved in a car accident, you can follow these tips:

• STOP!!! – First and foremost, you have got to stop. If you leave the accident scene without exchanging information or without clearance from the authorities then you can be prosecuted as a hit-and-run driver.

• Check for Injuries – Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Apply first aid to minor injuries and call 911 especially if there are major and life-threatening injuries.

• Assist others – Check the occupants of other vehicles for injuries and assist in any way you can. You do not have to play doctor, just provide reasonable assistance that you can give like applying first aid or arranging transport to a hospital

• Exchange information – Give your information to the other motorists including name, residence, contact number, insurance provider and insurance policy number. If you are not the owner of the car, give the information of the owner as well.

• Inform your insurance company – There might be a time limit to informing your insurance provider about the accident so better do it as soon as you can.

• Get a copy of the accident report – Talk to the responding officer about getting a copy of the accident report. This can be used if you need to make a personal injury claim.

• Go to a doctor – Go to the nearest hospital and get yourself and your passengers treated. There may not be obvious injuries but some symptoms may be hidden or do not show up immediately.

• Talk to a lawyer – Consult with a car accident lawyer to know your legal options.

There it goes, hope these tips can help you if ever you get involved in a car accident (but hopefully you won’t).

Former Warrant Frontman Experiences Déjà vu in recent DUI Arrest

Former Warrant frontman Jani Lane was arrested last weekend for suspicion of DUI.

Jani Lane arrested for DUI

“Jani Lane arrested for DUI.” (photo credit:

According to reports, the 80’s hairband singer whose famous hits include the power ballad “Heaven” was arrested after he allegedly hit a parked car in Woodland Hills Sunday night.

Reports say that Lane failed his sobriety test and that his BAC was more than double the legal limit.

One funny thing about this accident though is that it is eerily similar to his other arrest last year.

If you don’t remember, Lane pleaded no-contest to a misdemeanor DUI charge after hitting, you guessed it, a parked car!

And as if that was not enough, TMZ reported that the officer who arrested him Sunday night was the same officer who arrested him last year!

Talk about Déjà vu!!

Anyway, Lane was released after 3:17 am and is now probably worrying about what the judge would think about his recent brush with the law.

You see, Lane is under 36-month DUI probation as part of the plea deal that dropped the hit-and-run charge from last year’s car accident.

I am guessing this recent DUI arrest is in violation of his probation terms.