Two Killed in Mojave Dessert Rollover Accident

Vehicle occupants should always wear their seatbelt because this tool can save them from serious injuries and even death in the event of an accident.

A big rig driver and passenger who failed to do so ended up dead after being involved in a rollover accident which occurred in Mojave.

According to authorities, a 49-year old Long Beach man was driving a 2001 Volvo tractor-trailer along US 395. He was heading north when he suddenly lost control of the big rig, causing the vehicle to leave the roadway and roll over.

Both the driver and one of his passengers died. Meanwhile, another passenger identified as Nannette Barnes, 27, from Texas sustained critical injuries and was airlifted to Loma Linda Hospital.

Police Officer Avoids Jail Time after Pleading Guilty to DUI

It can be disappointing to know that there are authorities who have no respect for traffic rules, which they are required to enforce.

An off-duty Long Beach police officer identified as Eddie Sanchez, 30, recently pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge. He was able to avoid jail time, but was sentenced to three years of informal probation, three months of alcohol awareness classes, and 20 days of community service.

Prosecutors said the officer went to a bar and was then seen swerving in and out lanes while on his way to Stanton last May 24.

Sanchez was not able to accelerate even after the traffic light turned green in Garden Grove. His engine was then turned off by another driver, claimed prosecutors.

Reports said he had a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .16 at the time of his arrest.

High-Speed Crash in Long Beach Kills Three People

The government has imposed speed limits because moving beyond them is dangerous and can lead to a fatal accident.

A speeding driver who crashed into a stone sign along the entrance of Long Beach Peninsula ended the lives of three people, including his own.

car accident high speed crash kills three

Three people were killed after the car they were riding crashed into a concrete sign in Long Beach (photo credit:

Reports said the driver who was identified as Jesus Heredia Calixto, 18, crashed his black Ford Mustang into the stone sign a little after midnight. He was killed in the accident.

An unidentified woman and another female passenger Candice Anne Bustamante, 32, from Long Beach, also died in the crash.

A man was ejected from the vehicle and was rushed to the hospital to be treated for severe injuries.

Authorities said another vehicle, which may have been stolen, also crashed near the accident area. The driver and a passenger fled, but were fortunately captured afterwards. Both of them are still minors.

The two vehicles were speeding when the accident occurred. Authorities believe that they were racing along Orange Boulevard.