Housemaid Mauled and Killed by Homeowner’s Dogs

A housemaid who went to clean a home in Fallbrook, San Diego County, California was mauled and killed by the homeowner’s dogs.

According to reports, the woman who was hired to look after and clean a house in the 1300 block of Calle Tecolotlan while the owners were out of town was mauled to death by the latter’s dogs.

Police report claimed that the woman was dropped off by a relative in the said house but when they returned to pick her up, they found her bloody and lifeless body lying in the backyard. They immediately called the police.

Subsequently, when the authorities arrived, they found eight large dogs close to the woman and a garden hose running.

Based on the investigation, the San Diego County Medical Examiner determined that the woman was mauled by at least one of dogs found at the backyard where her body was recovered.

Authorities concluded that the canines that attacked the woman were American bulldog and old English bulldog mixes that can weigh more than 100 pounds. Further investigation revealed that the owners of the dogs were breeding and selling the dogs, as reported by the Department of Animal Services.

Consequently, the dogs were seized by the San Diego County Department of Animal Services while the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department seized 24 marijuana plants that were found growing in the back bedroom of the home.

So far, no information was yet released as to the homeowners’ whereabouts. Also, it is not yet clear whether any charges will be filed against them.

Incidentally, study claims that there were nearly 5 million people who experience dog bites and animal attacks each year. In fact, dog bite losses exceed $1 billion a year and more than $300 million were paid by homeowners insurance, as concluded by a Los Angeles injury attorney.

Plaintiffs Respond to NFL’s Motion to Dismiss Brain Injury Raps

motion to dismissIn their recent efforts, the former NFL players who are suing the league finally responded to trash the NLF’s bid to dismiss the case.

According to previous news reports, NFL filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuits last August and repeatedly stated publicly that it did not intentionally mislead the players and has in fact tried to better protect their health.

Consequently, the players filed a brief last October 24 before the U.S. District Court of Philadelphia asking the judge to reject the said motion to dismiss the lawsuits. The players contest the league’s framing of the cases as a labor issue that should be regulated by the sport’s collective bargaining agreement instead of the legal system.

The players contest on the said brief that relevant CBAs did not cover long-term brain injuries, that the NFL committed fraud by not unveiling the risks of repeated head trauma, and that the league has a common law duty to protect players.

The brief further explained that the league knew very well that players were exposed to risks of severe brain injuries and yet did nothing to prevent them from occurring. In addition, it even failed to warn players about the dangers of concussive and sub-concussive impacts and did not advocate preventative measure changes and worse, it failed to implement equipment standards adapted for brain injury.

Furthermore, the brief also stated that on the league’s watch, football has become the site of probably “the gravest health crisis in the sports world.”

Apparently, the league is trying to go for an out-of-court settlement while the plaintiffs are exerting much effort in bringing up the case to higher courts.

So far, there are more than 100 concussion lawsuits filed against NFL before the U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody. Therefore, the future of this trial depends on Judge Brody’s decision whether to dismiss the case or send it back to lower courts for trial, suggested by a Los Angeles injury attorney.

Eva Longoria Finally Settles Lawsuit from 2010 Car Accident

Former “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria finally settled a lawsuit stemming from her 2010 car accident that happened in Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

According to official case records, Longoria was sued by Roman Gasparyan after she allegedly lost control of her 2010 BMW and then crashed into his vehicle a couple of years ago.

Initially, Gasparyan claimed that he was at the median, waiting to make a left turn when Longoria’s car that was on the opposite lane suddenly swerved and struck his car. However, according to Longoria’s publicist, based on police reports, Gasparyan was at fault for the incident and that he even admitted it at the scene. Longoria’s publicists further claimed that the actress did not make any abrupt lane change and called the lawsuit as frivolous.

According to the lawsuit, Gasparyan experienced mental and physical sufferings, which prompted him to file for a claim with unspecified damages.

The said lawsuit was about to go on trial on August 15, but both parties agreed to reach an agreement to settle the lawsuit before the scheduled trial. However, the terms of the settlement was undisclosed. The settlement was only announced in the LA Superior Courts last August 3.

Car accidents generally happen as a result of negligent behaviors or misconduct of others. In fact, drivers’ failure to obey traffic rules and regulations as well as to implement reasonable care in operating vehicles makes them more prone to road mishaps.

Accordingly, here are some of the major causes of car accidents for drivers to avoid:

•    Failure to observe traffic signs and warnings
•    Drivers’ lack of skill
•    Going beyond maximum speed limit
•    Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other intoxicating substance
•    Excessive conversation with other passengers
•    Tailgating
•    Failure to conduct regular car safety checks
•    Disregarding bad weather and prevailing road conditions

By spreading awareness regarding such information particularly to motorists, a Los Angeles injury attorney believes that the number of injuries and death caused by car accidents can be greatly reduced.

Rock Music Legend Peter Frampton’s Car Struck by Texting Driver

Just recently, 62-year old rock music legend Peter Frampton was reportedly involved in a car accident Tuesday when he was struck by a woman who was driving while using her cell phone.

In his tweet, which is quoted below, Frampton said:

“Texting woman driver just ran into back of me while I was stationary in traffic 101 freeway. Can u say whiplash? People put the phones down!”

Obviously, while the musician’s car was on full stop due to prevailing traffic condition, his car was struck from behind by a woman driver who was then using her mobile phone while driving.

In his subsequent social media musing, Frampton tweeted:

“Back and neck not good. Going to ER after my flight today.”

The musician has a series of concert scheduled dubbed the “Grin & Bear It” tour, which actually started last Friday in Minnesota. Fortunately, despite the injuries that Frampton incurred, he was still able to proceed with his concert tour. In his recent Facebook post quoted herein as well, the musician said:

“The show must go on!!!”

In California, the use of hand–held devices like cell phone and other gadgets is unlawful. In fact, since the law has been carried out into effect, the number of deaths and injuries related to use of hand held devices was reduced.

A Los Angeles injury attorney noted that if a victim of such vehicle accident sustained severe injuries, and other damages emerged from the accident due to the negligence of other person or other parties, then the victim has the right to file charges for the damages and personal injuries.

Texas’ Leading Producer of Acetyl Products Named in Personal Injury Claim

personal injury claimTexas’ leading producer of acetyl product, Celanese was one of the defendants named after a personal injury claim filed by a Pearland resident employee.

Derrick Davis filed the said personal injury lawsuit last January 12 against his former employer, Clean Harbours Catalyst Technologies Inc. and the Celanese Chemicals Inc.

In his lawsuit, Davis is claiming that the accused are responsible for the incurable personal injury she sustained from the workplace.

Allegedly, Davis was instructed by a Clean Harbours employee to remove his steel – toe boots and put on a canvas anti – static shoes then enter a reactor vessel to clear a blockage in the catalyst tube together with a fellow worker. While Davis was in the reactor, another employee forced the plug through a catalyst tube using a highly compressed air to remove the blockage.

Though the tube clearing operation was successful, Davis on the other hand sustained grave foot injuries when the removed pipe from the catalyst tube struck him As a result, Davis sustained solid crush injuries to the skin, penetrating his bones, tendons and muscles.

Davis asserts that the accident was due to the negligence of the aforementioned companies.

Such case could fall under the Premise liability claim since the accident happened at the workplace. In addition, it occurred due to the companies’ negligence and failure to provide proper safety gears. Although this claim is considered as a personal injury claim, it presents the distinct problem and rare issues of worker safety. An expert lawyer is indeed needed in these cases such as a Los Angeles injury attorney.