Michael Jackson’s Father Drops Wrongful Death Claim against Conrad Murray

Surprisingly, the father of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had eventually dropped his wrongful death claim against the decedent’s former physician, Conrad Murray.

Joe Jackson, who once had been persuasive in battling in court over the untimely death of his son, recently dropped the lawsuit against the defendant Murray

According to reports, court documents proved that Joe’s request for dismissal was granted last August 13. Joe’s reason for dropping the case was not indicated in court filings; however, it was revealed that two legal representatives handling the case were previously ruled ineligible to practice law in California.

On Michael Jackson’s first death anniversary in June 2012, his family filed the wrongful death lawsuit alleging that Murray lied to paramedics and doctors about giving the King of Pop propofol, a substance used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia. The lawsuit further claimed that Murray failed to keep accurate medical records on Jackson.

Furthermore, the concert company AEG was also named in the lawsuit for allegedly being negligent in hiring Murray as Jackson’s personal physician.

The said lawsuit was initially refused to be heard by a federal judge, which was why it had to be transferred in a Los Angeles state court.

Meanwhile, although it was one less lawsuit to worry about for Murray, who remains in jail and currently appealing his case, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson is still firm about pursuing the case.

Apparently, no one knows why Joe dropped his wrongful death lawsuit against Murray, but the latter’s lawyer affirmed that the doctor did not pay the late singer’s father. It is not even certain whether Michael’s troubled relationship with his father during his lifetime has something to do with Joe’s previous decision of quitting in his claim.

Moving on, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer speculated that probably, those two lawyers who were declared as ineligible to handle the said case were not bar certified for and in the State of California. Accordingly, in order to become a licensed attorney and be able to practice law in a particular state, one must first the pass the state’s bar exam.

Computer Engineer Hans Reiser’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Begins

Finally, after four years of conviction for the death of his wife, computer engineer Hans Reiser’s wrongful death lawsuit begins.

In the said lawsuit, Reiser will act as his own lawyer and will be giving his own opening statement.

During a jury selection day, Reiser asked the potential jurors if it is immoral to kill a person abusing his children. Reiser insisted in his statement that killing is the only way to stop his own wife from causing harm to his children.

However, the Alameda County Superior CourtJudge, Dennis Hayashi warned Reiser of using the same reason during the trial to justify killing his own wife.

In 2008, Reiser was convicted in the killing of his wife. In fact, Reiser’s conviction earned an extensive nationwide media coverage. Records show that Nina Reiser disappeared after dropping off their two kids, Roruy Reiser and Niorline Reiser, in Reiser’s house at 6979 Exeter Drive in Oakland Hills.

Reiser and his wife, Nina, were married in 1999 but decided to file for divorce in 2009. In the same year, Nina won legal custody over their two children. However, Reiser was allowed to have the children on every other weekend.

During the one day of testimony of his trial, Reiser denied the allegations set against him and argued that he had nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance.

But, in his August 21, 2008 statement recorded by authorities, Reiser admitted that he killed his wife on Sept. 3, 2006 by hitting her in the face and choking her to death using a judo hold while their children were busy playing computer games down stairs.

Reiser was initially convicted of first-degree murder. Nevertheless, in an unusual deal, both Prosecutor Paul Hora and Judge Larry Goodman of Alameda County Superior Court later agreed to give Reiser a chance to plead guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder in exchange for his cooperation in pointing the right place where he buried Nina.

According to the lawsuit filed by Reiser’s two children, Rory Reiser, now 12 and Niorline Reiser, now 11, the two minors suffered from significant losses which include loss of love, support, companionship, comfort, affection, and society of their mother.

The lawsuit is seeking for unspecified damage as well as punitive and exemplary damages. On the other hand, Reiser’s representative claimed that Reiser has now fewer assets since he spent hugely on his divorce and wrongful death case.

Reiser’s children have been living with Nina’s mother at Irina Sharanova in St. Petersburg, Russia since December 2006.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer agrees with the representative of Reiser’s children that he could still find ways to make money while he is in prison due to his very broad concept in creating valuable ideas based on his years working in the computer industry.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Pasadena Police Involves Racial Discrimination

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parent of a slain student in Pasadena, a racial discrimination issue was involved.

Kenneth MacDade and Anya Slaughter filed a wrongful death claim against Pasadena police following the death of their son, Kendrec McDade, last March 24.

McDade was allegedly shot to death by the Pomana police after a report from the 911 caller, Oscar Carillo, saying that he was robbed by two armed men.

After receiving the call, the police immediately responded to the crime scene in their belief that McDade was really armed. Thus, upon spotting McDade in an alley, in one wrong move by McDade, he was shot by the arresting police officers multiple times in his chest.

Witnesses said McDade was trying to talk to the police while he was being handcuffed when he started to tremor. He was brought to the hospital but died afterwards. Apparently, it was too late when the police realized that McDade was not armed at all.

The police blamed Carillo for calling 911 and giving erroneous information. Therefore, the police, trying to cover up their wrongdoing, subsequently arrested Carillo, whom eventually admitted that he lied about the gun.

In their lawsuit, McDade’s parents claim that their son’s death was just a part of a pattern of abuse and killings of black people who go under police custody in the city.

The police officers named in the lawsuit are Phillip Sanchez, Keith Gomez, Jeffrey Newlen, and Matthew Griffin.

McDade’s father also claimed that obviously, he can no longer put his trust in the system that seems to not work for them.

Although McDade’s father is angry with Carillo for threading lies that led to his son’s death, he is more than disappointed with the police since they were the ones who shot his son, and not Carillo.

At present, no comment has been released by the city attorneys since they haven’t seen the lawsuit, according to Pasadena spokesperson Tim McGillivray.

Definitely, the defendants would go to great extent to cover up their wrongdoing. Therefore, McDade’s family must seek for an attorney, like a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, to guide them in this difficult process of litigation and somehow ease their emotional burden brought by the loss of their loved one.

Families of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Victims to Receive $8M from a State University

A jury ruled on Wednesday that families of the victims from the 2007 fatal shooting in Virginia Tech will receive $8 Million from the said state university.

The lawsuit was filed by the respective families of two killed students of Virginia Tech, Erin Paterson and Julia Pryde, for the university’s alleged failure to notify students about the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, who was on the loose at the university.

The April 16, 2007 massacre actually started in a dormitory where two students were shot and killed. Despite having been informed about the incident, the school officials failed to notify and alert the students about the foregoing disturbance.

At a later time, Cho shot and killed thirty more students before pointing the gun on and killing himself. Peterson and Pryde were among the 32 people killed in the grisly campus massacre.

Virginia Tech’s lawyer for wrongful death claimed affirmed that the university officials did not alert the students since they believed that it was just an isolated incident.

Said shooting was said to be the most fatal shooting not only in the university’s history, but in the entire US history as well.

In their lawsuit, the victims’ families claimed that the university’s failure to warn the students about the prior killing of two students led to the wrongful death of more innocent students. Meanwhile, the university, through its representative, said that there was no sufficient evidence for the plaintiffs’ allegations.

In the last hearing, jurors took three hours before deciding on the victims’ families’ favor, according to a news report. Both families will receive $4 million each.

Recently, a motion to reduce the lawsuit award has been filed by Virginia Tech’s lawyer and quoted a state law that covers jury awards at $100,000.

In such wrongful death claim, defendants will definitely seek for ways to be free from liabilities and claims filed against them by the victim’s family. Therefore, families must really have the best representation lawyer to pursue the case like a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer whom can guide victims’ families in the long process of litigation to somehow ease their burden.