2 Boys Injured in Intersection Collision near Tulare

The risk of an accident is greater when you are along an intersection because you will likely encounter vehicles coming from various directions.

At least two boys were injured after a 2000 Nissan sedan and a 2002 Toyota sedan collided along an intersection near Tulare.

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, both Angel and Diego, who are aged 11 and 12, were not wearing their seatbelt when the accident occurred. They were ejected from the vehicle due to the impact.

Fortunately, the boys landed on a pasture which was near the corner of Road 132 and Avenue 228.

This accident shows the importance of being cautious with your actions while on the road, especially while passing along an intersection. In addition, it also tells you how important it is to wear your seatbelt because this tool can save your life and protect you from serious injuries when an accident happened.

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Car Passenger Dies after Vehicle Hits Tree in Tulare County

Before you ride in a vehicle, you should first make sure that the person who will be driving it is capable of doing so in order to avoid being involved in an accident, which can claim your own life.

A 22-year-old woman recently died after the car she was riding in hit a tree near Terra Bella in Tulare County.

The woman has been identified by the Tulare County Coroner as Christina Turrey, 27, from Porterville.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers stated that the 2004 Nissan was being driven by a 23-year-old man identified as Jon Andres Garcia, from Terra Bella. He reportedly lost control of the vehicle while traveling along Avenue 88 east of Road 236, causing it to move into an orchard and crash into the tree.

My condolences to Turrey’s loved ones.

Suspected Valentine’s Day Robbers killed in Short Car Chase

The hearts of two robbery suspects stopped beating on Valentine’s Day after their vehicle smashed into a parked vehicle along south of downtown Los Angeles while they were being chased by the police.

Valentine’s Day Dead

Suspected Robbers killed on Valentine’s Day.

Reports stated that the two suspects who were identified as Christian Francisco, 20, and Charlie Francisco, 18, both from L.A., stole merchandise from a street vendor selling V-Day gift baskets along the sidewalk at Adams Boulevard and San Pedro Street.

The victims were able to call 911 and police immediately responded to the area.

When the two men saw the approaching patrol cars, they sped away from the scene in a Nissan and started a police chase.

Police said the pursuit ended when their vehicle suddenly smashed into a parked vehicle along 27th Street and Central Avenue. Both men were thrown off from the vehicle and were announced dead at the accident area.