Hemet High School Pedestrian Accident Injures 10 People, Including Students

At least ten people, including students, were involved in a pedestrian accident caused by a truck that ran on red light.

According to reports, the accident happened at around 2:44 in the afternoon after the students were dismissed from their class in Hemet High School in Hemet, California.

Witnesses said that more than 30 students crossing at a pedestrian lane in 41701 Stetson Avenue bound for a parking lot were struck by a red light-beating pick-up truck. Several students and other pedestrians were plowed by the truck.

At least five students were transported to Riverside Medical Center and an adult was rushed o another nearby hospital. Meanwhile, two people refused to accept medical treatment, and one of which is the driver of the truck himself. At least three people sustained serious injuries while five sustained minor injuries, according to the rescuers.

The driver of the Ford Ranger that struck the pedestrians was identified as Daniel Carillo, 18, and a junior student in the said high school. Witnesses further stated that Carillo immediately stopped after hitting the pedestrians.

At present, authorities are still determining the major cause of the accident since alcohol and drugs were not found to be a factor to the incident.

Nevertheless, although the investigation regarding the said pedestrian accident is still underway, police have impounded Carillo’s car to be inspected for possible mechanical failure.  Therefore, it is not yet certain whether Carillo will be charged or given citation.

Apparently, authorities are considering mechanical failure as the major cause of the incident. And so, if the investigation confirmed the authorities’ speculations as true and correct, Carillo might be spared from any charges like personal injury claim, since the car’s manufacturer could be the one to be held liable for all the damages and injuries incurred by the accident.

According to a Los Angeles accident attorney, a product liability claim can also be more likely to figure in this incident.

Panel of Judges Consolidate Head Injury Lawsuits Filed Against NFL

panel of judge rulingOn the last day of January 2012, the panel of judges ruled over the lawsuits filed against the NFL in different states to be consolidated at the Federal court of Philadelphia.

The three-page decision was made by the judicial panel on Multi-district Litigation. The ruling states that the new location will bring convenience to the parties and witnesses for a smooth litigation process.

The consolidated cases would be held at the Eastern District Court of Philadelphia before Judge Anita B. Brody.

The panel also noted in the rulings that the subject actions share real issues coming from allegations against NFL stemming from the injuries sustained by both former and current players from playing professional football.

Since last year, hundreds of players including stars like Jim McMahon, Jamal Lewis and some of the player’s wives have filed lawsuits against the NFL in more than dozen complaints. Allegedly, the NFL ignored and tried to hide the consequences of head injuries just to promote the game.

Several lawsuits have been filed in California, New York, Florida and New Jersey but the panel ruling is focusing on four lawsuits – the one filed in Philadelphia and the three in California. Recently, additional sixteen complaints have been filed against NFL but the league denied all claims.

The NFL might be in a huge brawl against their former players for failing to exercise their duties to perform guidelines and mandatory rules regulating proper head injury medical treatment. Moreover, they also failed in facilitating the return-to-play standards for players who suffered head injury from the game.

Any head injury will definitely become disastrous. It might bring paralysis or even early death. There are no certainties about the immediate effects of a head injury but whatever results it would have, it is absolutely catastrophic.

In the event that your head strikes or hits a hard object, like that of a football wound, you can have a personal injury claim against the person who has been negligent thus causing the damage. Victims are advised to seek the legal service of an expert lawyer like an injury attorney Los Angeles to support your complaint.

Drowsy Driver Hits Pedestrians in San Bernardino

Pedestrian lanes are designated areas on the road for walker, jogger, bikers and roller skateboarders. The lanes also serve as separators between vehicles and pedestrians. With this, vehicle and pedestrian accidents are then assumed to be prevented since pedestrian lanes are provided.

People usually feel comfortable when walking on a pedestrian lane being rest assured that they are safe since the lanes are specially designed for their safety. However, I doubt if you would still feel safe after reading a story of these three pedestrian passersby.

Two pedestrians walking on the marked crosswalk at the Miliken Avenue just near the Pacific Electric bike trail in Rancho Cucamonga last November 26 were struck by a car. According to reports, the driver was sleepy and didn’t notice the two cyclists and a jogger in the crosswalk, causing the accident.

The jogger suffered multiple fractures while the female cyclist sustained serious physical injuries. She was immediately brought to the hospital and undergone surgery. Her husband, being the third person struck did not sustain any injury.

Under the California Vehicle Code Section 21950, vehicle drivers shall provide a right of way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within either marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.

Obviously, the car driver will be held liable for a pedestrian accident once proven that his or her car stepped on the pedestrian lane However, victims of the accident may file for their personal injury claim only until 180 days from the date of the accident according to the California Government Code Section 911.2.

The woman can file a claim against the irresponsible driver for the hope of a fast recovery.

Injury in The City Tips: What to Do After a Car Accident?

Here at injury in the city, we like to spread around helpful information about accidents and injuries.

So we thought we would start giving out tips that you can use to prevent accidents or to guide you if ever you are involved in one.

To kick things off, I would like to start with what you should do once you got involved in a car accident.

I think this is appropriate since most of the news we post here are of the vehicle accident variety, not to mention that it causes almost 40,000 deaths in the US every year.

So here goes, if you got involved in a car accident, you can follow these tips:

• STOP!!! – First and foremost, you have got to stop. If you leave the accident scene without exchanging information or without clearance from the authorities then you can be prosecuted as a hit-and-run driver.

• Check for Injuries – Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Apply first aid to minor injuries and call 911 especially if there are major and life-threatening injuries.

• Assist others – Check the occupants of other vehicles for injuries and assist in any way you can. You do not have to play doctor, just provide reasonable assistance that you can give like applying first aid or arranging transport to a hospital

• Exchange information – Give your information to the other motorists including name, residence, contact number, insurance provider and insurance policy number. If you are not the owner of the car, give the information of the owner as well.

• Inform your insurance company – There might be a time limit to informing your insurance provider about the accident so better do it as soon as you can.

• Get a copy of the accident report – Talk to the responding officer about getting a copy of the accident report. This can be used if you need to make a personal injury claim.

• Go to a doctor – Go to the nearest hospital and get yourself and your passengers treated. There may not be obvious injuries but some symptoms may be hidden or do not show up immediately.

• Talk to a lawyer – Consult with a car accident lawyer to know your legal options.

There it goes, hope these tips can help you if ever you get involved in a car accident (but hopefully you won’t).