Amanda Bynes: More Dangerous after 6th Minor Fender-bender

Apparently, last week was the busiest or most troubled week for young Hollywood star Amanda Bynes.

Last September 9, Sunday, Bynes was reportedly stopped by Los Angeles police for driving with her headlights off. However, she was not asked by the police to show her license and was subsequently permitted to go back on the road. Probably, those cops weren’t aware that Bynes’ license had been suspended since August 25.

On September 11, Tuesday, Bynes was photographed illegally driving without purpose along the streets of Los Angeles while stopping in a few occasions to smoke from a drug pipe while inside her car.

Meanwhile, during a September 12 hearing, the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marshal Revel ordered Bynes not to drive without a valid driver’s license. Revel had also previously presided over some of Lindsay Lohan’s case.

Unfortunately, the next day after she was being warned by the judge, Bynes was again spotted driving illegally in Sunset Boulevard. What was even worse is that she had bumped her black BMW into a parked car the same day. Counting back from her previous car accidents, it was actually her sixth minor fender-bender.

According to a news report released by the TMZ, Bynes and the driver of the other car both left the scene without exchanging information since the damage incurred by the car was very minor.

Also, it was yet unclear whether the other driver reported the incident to the cops.

In one of the blog posts publicized by one of Mesriani Law Group’s personal injury lawyers, it claimed that Bynes could possibly face jail time if she will be convicted during her scheduled arraignment later this month. Incidentally, things seem to be going that way. Perhaps, Bynes already realized it, which is why she seems to be currently enjoying her freedom in its maximum level while she is not yet sentenced for her misdemeanors.

Hopefully, someone would eventually stop Bynes from her dangerous driving habit since aside from being unlawful, she also poses threat to other people’s safety while on the road.

Number of Auto Accidents Fatalities Involving Teens Peaks Every Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July, statistics show that traffic fatalities spike up to highest levels.

Aside from being accountable for the highest overall traffic fatalities in the country, Independence Day brings with it an average of approximately 140 auto accident deaths every year. It is likewise the deadliest day for both teen drivers and passengers.

In fact, about 10 percent of all fatalities during the Fourth of July are teens, according to the American Automobile Association, Inc. (AAA). Therefore, the agency encourages parents to restrict or at least limit their teens’ driving privileges.

The warning came to light upon the Congressional approval of the transportation bill that would provide financial incentives to states that provide graduated licensing programs.

Comprehensive graduated licensing laws slowly and efficiently educate teens to more complex driving situations, and significantly reduce their accident risk. Incidentally, previous studies have revealed that accidents among teen drivers in states that have a comprehensive graduated license law decreased by up to 38 percent.

On the other hand, Jonathan Adkins of the Governors Highway Safety Association affirmed that Congress has set such strict requirements up to the extent that only few states may qualify for the privileges.

Car accidents involving teenage drivers are now earning serious concerns due to the significant increase from previous years’ figures, which is in fact the first time in eight years that the numbers have become alarmingly high.

Fatal auto accidents involving teens’ record-keeping actually began way back in 1949. In 2011, the lowest number of accident deaths was recorded.

In a study conducted between 2006 and 2010 by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the U.S. Independence Day ranked first place as the deadliest day of the year, having an average number of 140deaths, followed by September 26 with an average number of 129 deaths. Next is August 2, having an average number of 125 deaths.

Authorities believe that the said increase in traffic fatalities are mainly due to holiday celebrations when school is off, offices are closed, and more people are on the road.  Furthermore, drinking and driving during the nationwide celebration was also seen as another factor to the accidents.

Out of the overall number of traffic fatalities during the Fourth of July, 39 percent of it accounts for drunk drivers, while 31 percent accounts for normal drivers, declared the Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Aside from the poor quality of automobiles due to the rise of aesthetic and entertainment devices in the car, driving under the influence and the lack of comprehensive knowledge on driving are also seen as factors that contribute to the rise in auto accidents during holidays, particularly every Fourth of July. Therefore, several personal injury lawyers appreciate every effort exerted by some organizations and government agencies in reducing the number of traffic fatalities.

School Bus Driver with Minor Injuries After Crash

School bus drivers are expected to be extra careful because they are driving kids to and from their school.

Fortunately, the Poway Unified School District bus that was involved in a recent accident was just on it way to pick-up children from school so no one, aside from the driver, was on the bus.

The 63-year-old driver was reportedly heading to Russet Leaf Lane near Deer Canyon Elementary School when it sideswiped a parked vehicle. The driver may have panicked and over-corrected as he steered away from the vehicle. But unfortunately, he lost control of the school bus as it went up and down an embankment.

The bus then hit trees and crossed traffic lanes before hitting a vehicle occupied by a mother and her daughter. The bus crashed into the garage door of an empty house.

The mother and daughter were thankfully uninjured and was not taken to a hospital.

The unidentified driver, however, sustained minor injuries from the accident.

There are a lot of factors to be considered in this bus accident so the local authorities are still conducting an investigation.