Patient in Ambulance Killed in Collision in Riverside

In a bad twist of irony, a female patient was killed after the ambulance that was transporting her collided with another car in Riverside last Wednesday night.

The victim was identified as Annie Layton, 47 from Moreno Valley.

Layton was being transported to a hospital after suffering cardiac arrest.

According to Moreno Valley Police, the car accident occurred at about 10:45 pm when the ambulance collided with a Chevrolet Monte Carlo at the intersection of Ironwood Avenue and Pigeon Pass Road.

According to witnesses, the ambulance had the red light before entering the intersection and the Chevrolet driver, who was identified as Dushunte Davis, tried to brake to avoid the collision.

The crash also injured Davis, two paramedics and two firefighters; all were brought to a nearby hospital by three more ambulances that responded on the scene.

The injuries range from minor to moderate and the 5 are expected to recover.

Layton’s cause of death, however, is still unknown.

In fact, it was still not certain if she passed away before or after the collision.

We would have to wait for the coroner’s report for more information.

The fate of the ambulance driver is also unsure.

According to the law, emergency vehicles like ambulances have to stop at red lights and to proceed with caution.

If witnesses’ accounts can be believed, the driver may not have followed protocols and could be considered negligent.

If the coroner’s report also indicates that Layton was killed after the crash, it could also be pinned on him.

Hopefully, this serves a lesson to all emergency vehicle drivers.

Protocols on how to proceed are in place because the safety of the masses are involved.

2-Year Old Toddler Drowns in Jacuzzi in Temecula

A 2-year-old toddler died of drowning this weekend in Temecula.

2 year old toddler drowns in Jacuzzi in Temecula

“Toddler Drowns in Jacuzzi in Temecula.” (photo credit:

The boy was identified as Anthony Mares by the Coroner’s office.

The drowning accident happened last Saturday afternoon in a home on the 33000 block of Romance Place in Temecula.

According to Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the boy has somehow made his way to the backyard unsupervised and fallen into an in-ground Jacuzzi.

It was not clear how long Anthony was in the water before he was discovered but when police officers came, the child was unresponsive so they began CPR.

He was taken to Rancho Springs Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at about 7pm.
Another tragedy involving a child.

Our prayers go the parents and the Mares family for losing a son so soon.

Hopefully readers, especially those with young children, can take lessons from this tragedy.

For those with pools, Jacuzzis or bath tubs in the house make sure that it is not easily accessible to children.

Under California pool safety act, pools are required to have a fence around it to limit children’s access.

I am not sure if it covers Jacuzzis but it would be best if they are also isolated and has limited access as well.

And finally, always have your eyes on your children especially near bodies of water.

Studies show that it only takes a couple of minutes of your inattention for a child to fall and drown.

6-Month-Old Baby Attacked by Dog in Murrieta

Doctors had to remove the testicles of a 6-month-old boy after he was attacked by 2 dogs at a Murrieta apartment last weekend.

Dog attack 6 month boy in Murrieta

"Two dogs are set to be euthanized after attacking a 6-month-old boy at a Murrieta apartment. The dogs bit the boy's groin area and apparently severed his testicles." (photo credit:

According to reports, the mother of the child left the baby in a carrier on the floor of a room at her friend’s apartment with a pitbull and a pitbull mix.

It is not yet clear whether both dogs attacked the boy.

The dog or dogs apparently torn off the diaper firs then attacked the baby on the groin area.

The mother and her friend came to the baby’s rescue after hearing the boy’s cries.

The baby was taken to Rancho Springs Medical Center and then transferred to another hospital.

There is no update yet on the boy’s condition but hopefully he is ok.

No arrests were made on the incident.

While I am not one to judge, I do think that the dog attack could have been averted.

I know people treat their dogs like family and trust them whole heartedly, but we have got to remember that they are animals and they have different sets of instincts than humans and leaving a child, much less a baby, alone with them is dangerous.

And many of us know that of all dogs, pitbulls are one of the breeds most prone to aggressive tendencies.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t raise them as pets, but we should always keep in mind that no matter how domesticated they are, their animal instincts can kick in any time and attack someone.

So what I am saying is that if you are going to own a pet, especially one with an aggressive nature, you should take proper measures to ensure that people will be safe from them.

Former Riverside Police Chief Avoids Jail Time After Pleading Guilty to DUI

As Sam previously wrote, former Riverside Chief Russ Leach was charged with misdemeanor DUI a month after he crashed his state-owned car into a fire hydrant.

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach

“Former Riverside Police Chief Avoids Jail Time After Pleading Guilty to DUI.” (photo credit:

Sam wrote that if found guilty, he could be jailed up to 6 months.

Well, looks like that isn’t going to happen.

Not only will he not be jailed for 6 months, it looks like he avoided any jail time altogether.

Leach pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor dui count and the prosecutors agreed to drop the other charges against him.

His DUI penalties would be one year probation, 30 days in a work-release program and enrollment in an alcohol abuse program.

Kind of a disappointment, a police chief who is supposed to enforce these laws violated it and even tried to cover it up by saying it was due to medication.

Medication? Right…..

Probably took it with the 11 drinks he had in the strip club he was in before the crash.

Now he gets a slap in the wrist for punishment.

I’m sure a lot of people are disappointed.

But what can we do, it is his first DUI offense and there really are no aggravating factors to warrant more punishment except for the fact that he is a former police chief.

One thing’s for sure, this does not help in any way discourage other people from driving drunk.

DUI Charge Filed against Former Riverside Police Chief

Former Riverside Police Chief Russell Leach has been finally charged with DUI, more than a month after he crashed his city-owned Chrysler into a light pole and fire hydrant.

This development came up amidst issues that the department’s assistant chief attempted to cover up Leach’s case. Thankfully, his former position in the department did not stop officers from conducting a proper investigation, though it took them quite long to release their findings.

According to reports, Leach was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The 62-year-old former police chief claimed that he was disoriented due to pain medication when he was involved in the controversial Feb. 8 crash.

Investigators reportedly determined that he has taken around 11 drinks and numerous prescription drugs prior to the crash.

Leach tried to flee the crash site but was fortunately stopped by his own police officers about three miles away from it.

If you are following the story, you already know that he resigned from his position last month because of medical reasons.

Leach can be placed behind prison bars for up to six months if he was found guilty of DUI.

Riverside Collision Kills Man and his Daughter

A head-on collision in Riverside the other night claimed the life of three people, including a man and his daughter.

The incident happened along Florida Avenue along Highway 74 when the Chevy Malibu that 30-year-old Donald Graves was driving drifted on the opposite lane and collided with a Honda Accord.

Graves and the Accord Driver, Andrew Huizar, 20, died at the scene of the car accident.

Grave’s three year old daughter Dakota, who was in a backward facing car seat, was also pronounced dead later at the Hemet Valley Medical Center.

One of the possible causes that is being looked at by CHP is that Graves may have made a dangerous turn along the highway.

Our prayers go out to the families of the victims.

We heard that it could really be dangerous on that stretch right there.

Some even call that stretch of Highway 74 “Bloody Alley” because there are a lot of major accidents happening in the area.

Hope motorist that are passing the area will be more careful especially when negotiating turns.

Lawyer: Riverside Police Chief Drank at Topless Club before Crash

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach now has more reasons to drink, this time to lament on the controversy he is facing, after a lawyer working for a topless club confirmed that he had been drinking there before the city-issued vehicle he was driving smashed into a fire hydrant and light pole.

He previously attributed the crash to disorientation caused by his prescription drugs (see here). He opted to voluntary leave his position citing medical reasons after the incident.

According to the lawyer, he went to Club 215 in Colton last Super Bowl Sunday and left an hour prior to the crash.

However, Leach did not seem to be drunk when he left the bar, said the lawyer.

The club’s surveillance video that shows him inside the bar was handed to authorities for investigation purposes.

Riverside Police Chief Quits after Controversial Car Crash

All wrongdoers will face the consequences of their actions either voluntarily or by force.

In the case of Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach, he opted to voluntarily leave the department after he was involved in an accident (check my previous post) saying that he needs to do it due to medical reasons.

According to reports, this move was done after he smashed a vehicle issued by the city into a street light and fire hydrant.

Leach attributed the accident to disorientation caused by his prescription drugs.

Before his resignation, he apologized to the police department and city during an interview.

Authorities are still investigating Leach’s case.

Riverside Police Chief Faces Allegations after Car Crash

All people are required to follow the law, even the ones who are tasked to enforce it.

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach is now being investigated when allegations were made after he crashed his Chrysler 300, which was issued by the city, into a street light and fire hydrant.

According to reports, Leach allegedly drove his vehicle while impaired and police in the department failed to include the said suspicion in the initial report.

The chief was reportedly placed on a medical leave a day after the incident. He was not injured in the accident but the vehicle has incurred fender damage and two blown tires.

Officers stopped Leach in the wrecked vehicle a few miles away from the accident area, said police.

It remains uncertain whether they noticed any signs of the chief’s impairment.

Plane Crash in SoCal Kills Occupants

Plane crash kills two in San Bernardino, Socal.

Plane crash kills two in San Bernardino, Socal.

A single-engine Yakovlev YAK-52 recently crashed in San Bernardino County shortly before it took off from Redlands Municipal Airport. The only occupants, a man and a woman, were both killed in the recent aircraft accident.

There are still no reports on what may have caused the accident but Yak-52 was designed to go on rugged terrains with very little maintenance and so many owners prefer to have it than any other aircraft.

It was initially built for training and as an acrobatic aircraft and so the Federal Aviation Authority still considers it as an experimental plane. Nonetheless, it has gained its popularity in the U.S. because of its extensive pneumatic system.

The owner of the aircraft that crashed is a Riverside man who is responsible in maintaining the plane’s good flying condition.