Motorcyclist Dies after Colliding with SUV

Motorists are advised to reduce their speed when it is raining because roads may become more dangerous to use during this time.

A male motorcyclist has died after he collided with a SUV along Interstate 805, north of Balboa Avenue in San Diego, said reports.

According to authorities, the SUV was moving too fast for the weather condition.

The motorcyclist identified as Paul Palika, from Oceanside, sustained fatal injuries after he was ejected from the vehicle.

My sympathies and condolences to his loved ones.

3-Year-Old Kid Killed in Pedestrian Accident in Encanto

A 3-year-old kid’s life was tragically taken away after an unfortunate pedestrian accident in Encanto, San Diego.

According to reports, the boy who was identified as Japeth Darapeth was playing with a dog and his 12-year-old brother when the animal ran from them.

Pedesrian Accident in Encanto

3-year-old child killed in Encanto area by car driven by 19-year-old man. (photo credit:

The brother told Japeth that he was going to get the dog and asked him to stay put.

A few seconds after, Japeth was hit by a Green Toyota Corolla.

Japeth was brought to Children’s Hospital where he was announced dead some time later.

The driver was identified as 19-year-old Samuel Metu and he claims that he thought that he just hit something like a speed bump that is why he did not stop immediately.

He did return to the scene where he was interviewed then arrested as a hit-and-run driver by the police.

It is a tragedy for the family and especially Japeth’s older brother for having to witness all this at a young age.

Hopefully the family can get strength from each other and their friends to recover and move on from this.

Our thoughts and prayers goes to the Darapeth family.

DUI Checkpoints Set up Across California for Independence Day Weekend

Its Independence Day weekend and I am sure many of us have plans for celebration.

There will be fireworks and lots of booze!!!

Just remember guys DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

DUI Checkpoints in California for Independence Day Weekend

DUI Checkpoints in California for Independence Day Weekend. (photo credit: abrokenlaptop.wordpress)

And if possible car accidents are not enough as a deterrent for drunk driving; various California law enforcement agencies will also be conducting DUI checkpoints in various locations.

The LAPD will be setting up their checkpoints at:

• Cahuenga Boulevard and Broadlawn Drive North Hollywood tonight at 6pm -1am
• Florence Avenue between Broadway and Main Street tomorrow (Saturday) between 6pm-1am

San Diego Police will also be setting up checkpoints over the weekend in Oceanside, Chula Vista, Oceanside and Escondido.

The CHP on their part announced that a maximum enforcement period will start at 6pm tonight and will last for 78 hours.

All available CHP officers will be on patrol during that period, which will end midnight on Monday.

Take note, these are just some of the DUI checkpoints that were set up and does not represent all law enforcement programs against DUI this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Independence Day from us here in Injury in the CIty

Child Dies when Hit by Garbage Truck

Parents should take care of their children and stop them from performing actions, which can suddenly end their lives.

A 3-year-old boy who was running across a street in San Diego died after he was struck by a garbage truck.

His mother may have failed to stop the child because she was busy leading him and a younger sibling towards their car, which was parked in a driveway along Newton Avenue and 43rd Street in Southcrest.

According to reports, the boy was fatally struck by a blue Allied Waste Services garbage truck that was moving at a reduced speed.

The truck’s passenger attempted to alert the driver. However, the driver failed to stop on time.

Reports said, the child went under the truck and was then hit by its rear wheels.

A male police officer who was trying to help the child was suddenly confronted by the kid’s relatives.

He was knocked out after being punched in the face. Reports said he was brought to a hospital to receive treatment for a gash on his face.

Our sympathies and condolences to the child’s family.

Skateboarder Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident

Even if we are not at fault in an accident, we are required by law to stop our vehicle, exchange information and provide reasonable assistance to those who are injured.

Hit and Run Accident Skateboarder Injured

“Skateboarder injured by hit-and-run driver.” (photo credit:

Unfortunately, that did not happen when a 22-year-old skateboarder was struck by an unknown driver in San Diego last Sunday.

According to San Diego Police, the hit-and-run accident happened when the skateboarder, who entered the intersection of Olney Street and Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach on a red light, was struck by an unidentified vehicle at about 3:00 am.

The skateboarder sustained huge lacerations and broken leg from the vehicle accident.

It is weird that the vehicle did not stop.

By the reports coming out, it looks like the accident is more the skateboarder’s fault for entering the intersection on a red light.

If the skateboarder did file a personal injury claim against the driver, it would have been up to his insurance company to take care of it and they would probably work hard to prove that the accident was indeed the skateboarder’s fault.

In any case, it is fortunate that the skateboarder did not sustain more serious injuries.

As of now, the San Diego police have not released any description of the hit-and-run vehicle.

However, if you have information on the accident, you might want to call the San Diego Police at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154