Slip and Fall Accidents in the Holiday Season: What You Should Do If You Get Injured

Slip and Fall Accidents in the Holiday Season What You Should Do If You Get Injured

In just a few days, it will be Christmas, and as such, more and more people is expected to head out to shopping centers and stores to buy items in their lists. With so many people heading out on the roads, not only is heavy traffic activity inevitable, but also the likelihood of motor vehicle crashes that would surely ruin everyone’s holiday spirit. Aside from that, slip and fall accidents, especially within commercial properties, can surely put a damper on one’s cheer.

Indeed, someone walking down an aisle of a grocery or department store may possibly get injured, especially if he or she encounters a hazardous condition that he or she is not aware of, such as wet floor or torn carpeting.  Walking down an icy parking lot of a store or mall could very well result in one slipping and falling down hard on the pavement. Getting involved in any of these incidents might not only affect one’s plans during the 24th and the 25th of December with family and friends, but having to deal with injuries and subsequent medical expenses can turn one’s Christmas into absolute disappointment.

If you happen to sustain a minor or severe injury after slipping and falling inside or outside a commercial property such as shopping center or store this holiday season, you must know that you are entitled to compensation from the business or premises owner. But before doing so, here are some things you need to put into mind right after slipping and falling while doing holiday shopping:

  • Seek medical treatment for any injuries you may have.
  • Report the accident to someone who is in-charge of the property.
  • Take photos of the location where you suffered your injury.
  • Get the names and contact details of the people who witnessed the accident.
  • Contact an attorney to assist you in establishing a claim for damages against the business or property owner.

All of these procedures are critical after your accident, but you need to pay close attention to consulting with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. Once your claim is evaluated and you hire the attorney soon after, you improve your chances of achieving your goal out of your personal injury claim, which is to get fully compensated for your injuries and for the other losses you may have incurred. With your chosen legal counsel protecting your rights, you may be able to recover a settlement amount that would cover for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

It is truly inconvenient to be in such an unfortunate incident while you are in a rather celebratory mood. Slips and falls can happen at any time and any place. Yet in this season of giving, as a consumer, your Christmas shopping list should not just be the only thing you should worry about. You, including your loved ones, must also be aware of your safety, whether on the roads or inside commercial properties.

Have a safe and fruitful holiday season with your family and friends!

The Major Impacts of a Slip and Fall Accident in a Business

Slip and fall maybe a funny scene at a comedy show or a movie. However, in real life it is not as ridiculous that people could laugh about. It is a serious accident that may lead to all sorts of injuries.

In the US, slip and fall is one of the leading causes of injury to customers and employees every year. Each year, the workers compensation and medical expenses associated with slip and fall accidents in American businesses costs approximately $70 billion, based from the National Safety Council.

Wet or greasy floors, messy environment to uneven surfaces, poor cleaning and lack of hazard identification are some of the causes of slip and fall accidents in business establishments. However, these could be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance of the workplace.

Here are the three major effects of a slip and fall injury to businesses:

A slip and fall injury can drain your business resources – when a customer or an employee experiences slip and fall injuries within the business premises, the employer or the business itself is held liable in terms of financial obligations. Injuries that may be sustained from a slip and fall accidents vary. Therefore, its medical expenses also differ. There is a huge possibility of business financial bankruptcy once a slip and fall victim sustained serious injuries.

A slip and fall injury can damage your company’s reputation – in some cases of slip and fall accidents, a victim and business owner or the employer don’t always end up on a great deal or bargain. There are some instances when a slip and fall accident should really undergo a lawsuit or litigation. Whether the business is at fault or not, lawsuits and even just complaints that may arise could damage its reputation.

Employers may also suffer from loss of productivity – once an employee-sustained injuries, employer’s cannot force or allow the employee to get back on his work. Absence of an employee may result in the loss of productivity for a business.

Business owners should not only focus on the sales and productivity of a business. They should also take some time to realize if their premises should be safe not only for their workers but as well as for the customers to avoid these aforementioned major impacts of slip and fall injury.