Comedian Jeff Ross Shaken after 3-Vehicle Crash

Comedian Jeff Ross was visibly shaken after a multiple car accident in Hollywood yesterday.

celebrity car accident Jeff Ross Shaken 3 vehicle crash

Comedian Jeff Ross points to the damage on his car following a 3-vehicle crash (Photo Credit:

TMZ was on the scene and reported that Ross was not injured and was even able to walk away from the wreck.

Ross took the crash in stride and even joked with the TMZ reporters.

The Roastmaster General of the New York Friar’s Club was even able to drive his Prius after it took a major hit from the other vehicles.

However, the crash was not without incident as one of the motorists was brought to a hospital by LA City Fire Department officers for non-life-threatening injuries.

The cause of the car accident is not clear yet and authorities have not released any information about it yet.

Jeff Ross is known as an insult comic and is a regular in many celebrity roasts in Comedy Central.

He was also the first celebrity to be eliminated in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars where he was infamously poked in the eye during practice resulting to a scratched cornea. .

Pink Suffers Nasty Fall in Germany Concert

International superstar Pink just took a nasty fall during her concert in Germany yesterday.

Pink injured during concert

Pink injured during concert. (photo credit: tmz)

According to a TMZ report, an acrobatic act went wrong and sent the singer from 8-feet in the air, into the arena floor crashing onto the crowd.

It looks like the cause of the mishap was improperly secured strings that were attached to Pink’s harness.

Reports said that after the fall accident, Pink immediately stood up, went back on stage and apologized to the fans (I am sure they understand) before being whisked away by an ambulance towards a local hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, Pink did not sustain any serious injury from the fall.

Pink later gave an update on her status through twitter saying “Nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore.”

There is no word yet if the singer and her rep will be taking legal actions against the producers of the show.

The negligence of the staff could have resulted in a much worse situation.

They should be thankful that it did not.

Megan of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” Gets Busted for DUI

Another pseudo star for our pseudo celebrity DUI lists.

DUI charged Megan Hauserman

“Megan Hauserman of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” Gets Busted for DUI.” (photo credit:

The new member is Megan Hauserman, former VH1 reality star of the show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” who is now working for a local strip club in Miami.

According to TMZ, Miami law enforcement officials stopped Hauserman, who was weaving between lanes on her 2008 BMW and even accelerated to 75 mph.

Police officers said that Hauserman had strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and bloodshot watery eyes.

I addition, she was also on her way to work.

Hauserman was asked to do a Breathalyzer test and she blew a .102.

She tried to tell the police that she had been filming a TV show and was tired.

Looks like the cops did not buy it as she had to stay behind bars for 24 hours before she was released.

Her show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” became infamous when one of the show’s contestants allegedly killed his wife before killing himself.

Former New York Mets & Yankee Doc Gooden Arrested for DUI

Our blog is turning into celebrity DUI by the minute.

Dwight 'Doc' Gooden

“Former New York Mets & Yankee Doc Gooden Arrested for DUI.” (photo credit:

Just recently, TMZ reported that Former New York Mets and Yankees star Pitcher Dwight “Doc” Gooden was arrested last Tuesday for suspicion of DUI in New Jersey.

And this one takes the cake because he was not under the influence of alcohol…but of drugs.

And the worse part is that there was a kid in the car.

Gooden was arrested and booked for multiple charges including:
• While Under the Influence of Drugs
• Being under the Influence of a Controlled Dangerous Substance
• Endangering the Welfare of a Child
• DWI with a Child Passenger
• Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident
• Reckless Driving
• Failure to Keep Right
• Failure to Notify Change of Address regarding driver’s license

Gooden was arrested after authorities responded to a 911 call regarding a car accident on Old Mill Road.

He was spotted a few miles from the accident scene, which he left before authorities came.

Aside from baseball, Gooden is also well known for his history of substance abuse.

He has been arrested multiple times for driving under the influence of alcohol and has tested positive for cocaine in 1987.