Hemet High School Pedestrian Accident Injures 10 People, Including Students

At least ten people, including students, were involved in a pedestrian accident caused by a truck that ran on red light.

According to reports, the accident happened at around 2:44 in the afternoon after the students were dismissed from their class in Hemet High School in Hemet, California.

Witnesses said that more than 30 students crossing at a pedestrian lane in 41701 Stetson Avenue bound for a parking lot were struck by a red light-beating pick-up truck. Several students and other pedestrians were plowed by the truck.

At least five students were transported to Riverside Medical Center and an adult was rushed o another nearby hospital. Meanwhile, two people refused to accept medical treatment, and one of which is the driver of the truck himself. At least three people sustained serious injuries while five sustained minor injuries, according to the rescuers.

The driver of the Ford Ranger that struck the pedestrians was identified as Daniel Carillo, 18, and a junior student in the said high school. Witnesses further stated that Carillo immediately stopped after hitting the pedestrians.

At present, authorities are still determining the major cause of the accident since alcohol and drugs were not found to be a factor to the incident.

Nevertheless, although the investigation regarding the said pedestrian accident is still underway, police have impounded Carillo’s car to be inspected for possible mechanical failure.  Therefore, it is not yet certain whether Carillo will be charged or given citation.

Apparently, authorities are considering mechanical failure as the major cause of the incident. And so, if the investigation confirmed the authorities’ speculations as true and correct, Carillo might be spared from any charges like personal injury claim, since the car’s manufacturer could be the one to be held liable for all the damages and injuries incurred by the accident.

According to a Los Angeles accident attorney, a product liability claim can also be more likely to figure in this incident.

Panorama City Vehicle Collision causes Oil Spill

truck accidentA truck-bus accident in Panorama City, Los Angeles on Wednesday has caused commotion when the FedEx delivery truck spilled fuel on the road.

According to Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the initial report was that a vehicle happened to hit a pedestrian. However, succeeding reports confirmed that it was indeed a two-vehicle accident between a bus and a FedEx delivery truck.

LAFD spokesperson, Brian Humphrey said that four ambulances were dispatched to the accident scene, but reports said that only two injured people  were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Firefighters said that it took 20 pounds of sand to cover up the fuel that leaked from the truck to avoid the risk of catching fire. The clearing operation lasted until late morning.

The cause of the accident was not yet determined and the investigation is still in progress.

Recent news report said that the day before the accident happened, a delivery truck of FedEx also got involved in an accident in Central Miami. The truck driver ran on red light causing it to hit a bus.

Nowadays, truck accidents are considered as common occurrences on the road.  According to statistics, in every 16 minutes, one person gets either injured or killed in a truck accident.

Most victims of truck accidents are often left suffering.  Therefore, those victims from the said accident should get the service of a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in truck accident cases and other related matters to help them formulate effective strategies for obtaining claims.

Female Motorcyclist Killed in Studio City Crash

A motorcycle accident on the westbound 101 in Studio City claimed the life of a female motorcyclist this morning.

The woman was identified as 28-year-old April Stirton. She works as a stuntwoman and was actually on her way to set when the crash happened.

According to the CHP, Stirton was going at about 55 mph when she lost control and fell of her bike after trying to pass a tow truck.

She was struck by the backwheels of a tow truck while her motorcycle was dragged 100 feet down the freeway by another truck.

Responding paramedics declared Stirton dead on the scene.

Our prayers go to the family of April Stirton.

We don’t know if who was at fault for the accident and we do not want to speculate, but we can take lessons from the tragedy.

Safety tip for other motorcyclists, the key to safe driving is to maintain your visibility to other drivers.

Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially trucks, and avoid their blind spots.

Multi Vehicle Accident in Big Pines Injures 7 People (1 in Critical Condition)

Six people sustained minor injuries while one person was airlifted to a nearby hospital after a multi-vehicle accident in Big Pines this morning.

The chain accident happened near 263rd Street and just west of the border of San Bernardino County at about 6:50am.

A big rig truck involved in the pileup even caught fire and added to the problems of the CHP and the responding firefighters.

The crash closed some part of State Route 138 for a couple of hours.

Hopefully the person in critical condition survives his or her injuries.

To avoid pile ups or at least reduce the risk of being involved in multi-vehicle accidents here are three factors that you can watchout for.

First, watch out for big rig or large trucks.

Lots of chain accidents involve big rigs because they have a lot of blind spots.

And once a big rig hits something, you know that chances are it will hit another.

Second, be careful on high speed roads.

Most chain accidents happen on high speed roads like state routes and freeways.

Last is bad weather.

Fogs, snow and storms makes for slippery roads and low visibility.

Combine all three and the chances of a multi-vehicle accident happening are high.

Pedestrian Killed while Standing in Muni Platform

A freak accident in San Francisco claimed the life of a pedestrian this morning.

Pedestrian Accident on King Street

“The scene of the King St. accident.” (photo credit: cbs5.com)

The pedestrian accident occurred at the intersection of King and Fourth Street when an southbound pick up collided with an eastbound pickup.

The collision sent the pickup spinning out of control and into the pedestrians waiting in the Muni platform.

The struck pedestrian was brought to a hospital where he (or she) was pronounced dead.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released by authorities.

The two drivers are both claiming to have the green when the collision happened.

Police are now reviewing camera footage to know who of the two are telling the truth.

However, I’m leaning towards the pickup driver as the one who may think he has a green but does not.

Police have arrested the pickup driver due to suspicion of DUI.

So if he is drunk, he might have thought that he had a green even if he doesn’t.

But if it is true that this was caused by another drunk driver, it reaffirms what Cheska has observed with many DUI related accidents.

Other people get hurt while the driver is always virtually unscathed.

When will these people learn that it’s other people who usually pay for their mistakes.

Double Shot At Love Star Rikki Mongeon Showing Signs of Recovery

Just an update on the condition of Erica “Rikki” Mongeon.

Rikki Mongeon Showing Signs of Recovery

"Rikki Mongeon Showing Signs of Recovery." (photo credit: celebritieswithdiseases)

The Double Shot at Love star’s not yet out of danger but her condition is improving.

According to her manager, Rikki’s eyes were open and she is responsive.

The doctors have reduced her medication and replaced her breathing tube with an oxygen mask.

Rikki’s medications were supposed to be reduced last weekend but after they did that, the swelling did not subside and she had to be placed on medication again.

But finally, it seems there is progress on her condition and everyone is optimistic about her recovery.

Rikki was seriously injured when the car she was riding with her twin, Victoria “Vikki” Mongeon, collided with a semi in Bakersfield.

Record-High $24.3M Awarded in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Common carriers have a strict liability regarding accidents caused by their property and so will be responsible for the injury and damages it will cause.

Personal Injury Lawsuit case awarded 24.3 million

"Personal Injury Lawsuit case awarded 24.3 million."

A Sacramento jury has recently awarded a total of $24.3 million to a 14-year-old girl who was ran over by her father driving a truck that is listed as a “common carrier” and not a broker as argued by the defense. The amount breaks the $16 million record-high verdict in Sacramento awarded last year for a wrongful death.

The accident in September 2004 crushed the then 10-year-old girl’s pelvis. Her legal representative, who also represented the family who won the $16 million for a wrongful death last year, said that the girl will need a lot of surgeries in the future because of the accident.

The jury awarded $2.2 million for her past medical expenses, $8 million for her past non-economic damages including pain and suffering, $2.1 million for her future expenses, and $12 million for her future non-economic damages.

The girl may bear the life-long effects of the accident but the compensation should somehow help her cope with her ordeal.

A Double Shot At Love Star Rikki Mongeon in Coma after Car Accident

One of the stars of MTV’s “A Double Shot at Love” is now in a medically induced coma after the car they were passengers in collided with a semi in Bakersfield last Tuesday.

Erika “Rikki” Mongeon is currently confined in the ICU of a local hospital after CAT scans found blood on her brain.

Her twin sister Victoria “Vikki” Mongeon, who was also a passenger in the car, and the driver were not seriously hurt in the accident.

The doctors plan to take her out of the coma on Friday and doctors are optimistic that she will recover.

This is actually the second major accident that involved a cast from the show.

Kandice Hutchinson, one of the contestants of the popular bisexual dating show died in a car crash shortly after production

The second episode of the series was dedicated in her memory.

Hopefully, Rikki will survive and recover from her injuries.

I, for one, am not a fan of reality shows but I still would like to send out my prayers to her and her family.