Family of Former Entrepreneur Files $10 M Wrongful Death Claim

The family of an entrepreneur who was killed in a tragic car accident was seeking $10 million in their wrongful death lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed last April 20 before Hammond’s US District Court, Marla Fry’s family is seeking for $10 million as compensation for her wrongful death.

The family’s wrongful death attorney said that Fry’s husband, David Fry, claims that the judgment amount that they are praying simply shows just how much the family treasures Fry.

The defendant’s representative said that the party would not give comments as dictated by the company’s policy.

Records show that Fry was killed in a tragic car accident last April 10, after bringing her daughters’ snacks to school.

According to reports, Fry had stopped at a red light at U.S. 30 in Porter County Road 600W and then entered the intersection upon the green light signal. That is when Fry’s car was hit by tractor-trailer running through red lights, causing Fry’s death.

According to the driver, Roberto Sanchez, 52, he couldn’t stop his coughing, that is why he failed to control the tractor during red light.

Fry left two lovely daughters, Anna and Maisy, who were both minors, and her spouse, David.

During her lifetime, Fry used to create art using vintage and antique windows as her business. She actually named her business, Marla Fry Windows after her.

Nowadays, family members of the deceased can have the right to obtain rightful compensation for the untimely death of a family member after laws regarding wrongful death claims have been legislated. Although the laws may seem to differ from state to state, they are not too far different. Fortunately, many lawyers, such as wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, know every state’s laws regarding wrongful death claims, and can therefore provide the legal assistance needed by their clients.

LAPD Pays $3.2M in Wrongful Death of Former Gang Member

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was recently required by a jury on a hearing last March 19 to pay monetary relief for a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a former gangster.

The jury awarded $3.2 million in damages to the family of Mauricio Cornejo. Said monetary relief will be distributed among Cornejo’s surviving wife and two minor children.

The former gang member of Ramona Gardens died under the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department way back in 2007.

According to court documents, Cornejo collapsed in a detention cell at the Hollenback Police Station. Reports showed that a foot chase between Cornejo and the police that night after a confrontation near Ramona Gardens housing project in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles had something to do with Cornejo’s death.

Lawyers representing the city of Los Angeles affirmed that Cornejo died from the strain he experienced while he was violently resisting arrest. Allegedly, Cornejo, who was then a wanted parolee, was under the influence of intoxicating substance during the arrest. According to the city’s representatives, methamphetamine and cocaine was the major cause of Cornejo’s death.

However, Ventura County’s chief medical examiner, Ronald O’Halloran, testified that the force exerted by the officers against Cornejo, including baton blows, caused his death.

Also, Cornejo’s wrongful death attorney presented a video from a Hollenbeck surveillance camera showing that Cornejo was unconscious or might be already dead when he arrived at the station.

Definitely, said testimony and firm evidence presented to the federal court were seen as enough reasonable cause by the jury to arrive in such resolution.

Losing someone you love unexpectedly due to other people’s fault is an extremely distressing experience, especially for minors like those two children of Cornejo. Fortunately, Corejo’s family had the wrongful death attorney who provided them with efficient and effective legal assistance throughout the case.

Boy Dies in Del Rey Fall Accident

Property owners are required to take good care of their property while those who are in charge of building structures should do their jobs properly in order to avoid accidents.

If a structure is not properly built or secured and someone was killed because of it, the property builder or owner may be held liable for wrongful death.

Niko Laurie, 4, suffered from fatal injuries after falling from a third-story window. The fall accident reportedly occurred along the 1300 block of Marina Pointe Drive in Del Rey.

In this case, the property owner may be held liable for the accident if he failed to secure his property and the boy fell due to such failure. Meanwhile, the property builder may be required to compensate the boy’s loved ones if it was proven that the accident occurred because the property was not built properly or substandard materials were used in building it.

For more information about fall accidents and wrongful death cases, you are encouraged to call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Glendora Collision Involving Pickup Truck and Tractor-Trailer Results in Fatalities

Collisions involving two vehicles may result in severe injuries and death. The risks of fatalities may increase if one of the vehicles involved is heavier and bigger than the other one.

At least three women have died after the Nissan pickup truck they were riding in was struck by a Wal-Mart tractor trailer, causing it to catch fire. The accident occurred along the southbound Orange (57) Freeway.

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, the three women were still inside the pickup when it burst into flames.

Both the pickup and big rig drivers did not sustain fatal injuries due to the crash.

For more information about vehicle accidents and wrongful death, do not hesitate to contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Security Guard Killed in Set of NCIS

Production has been suspended for the CBS hit series NCIS after the death of a security guard following an automobile accident on the set yesterday.

The police drama stopped shooting and an actual investigation will be done to determine the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident.

According to reports, a production company van had just finished dropping off passengers on the set of the hit series when the driver suffered a still unspecified medical condition.

As a result, the driver probably accidentally stepped on the gas, which caused the van to take off and crash into a tent on the set and hit the security guard in the process.

The security guard was brought to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The identity of the victim was not released but was described as a 52-year-old man in the reports.

CBS released a statement offering their condolences to the family:

“Everyone at the network, the studio and NCIS is devastated by the news. Our hearts grieve for his family and friends for this tragic loss.”

In the statement, the network also stressed that they are cooperating with the local authorities in Santa Clarita to find out what caused this tragic accident.

More than that, hopefully, the network and the show’s production will take care of the family of the victim.

Instead of waiting for the family to make a wrongful death claim against the company, hopefully they take action immediately and not make it difficult for them.

Jury Awards Family with $15M in Wrongful Death Suit

The parents of the two Santa Cruz sisters who died in a fiery crash in 2004 were recently awarded by an Alameda jury with $15 million for their losses caused by the negligence of one of the largest car rental companies nationwide.

Wrongful Death against rental car company.

Two sisters were killed on a head-on collision with a big-rig on Highway 101. The family of the girls won a $15 million lawsuit against the rental car company in June. (photo credit: Joe Johnston/The San Luis Obispo Tribune file)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car of San Francisco faced a wrongful death suit filed by the parents of 24-year-old Raechel and 20-year-old Jacqueline Houck who died in an accident caused by their rented vehicle’s defect that wasn’t repaired by the company.

The girls were said to be heading north along Highway 101 near Bradley from their mother’s Ventura home when they crossed the median and crashed into a big rig from the opposite direction.

After the accident, the women’s parents found out that Raechel was the fourth one to rent the 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser after the vehicle’s manufacturer issued a recall because of its steering problems. They discovered that Enterprise failed to address the recall and didn’t repair the vehicle before it was rented out.

For years, the company denied its liability in the accident pointing that Raechel’s driving may have caused it. But in May, their story changed as the company admitted their negligence which led to the tragic accident that the Houck sisters met in 2004.

Vehicle recalls should never be ignored by distributors and rental companies such as Enterprise. They should have made sure that all the cars that they are renting out is safe and keep in mind that each recall is made to keep the driver and the passenger safe from accidents that the defect of the vehicle has.

Jury Awards $29 M in Wrongful Death Suit against Nursing Home

Medical institutions and health care providers must always put their patients at the top priority in order to avoid facing lawsuits that may eventually threaten their financial stability.

A jury has recently ordered Colonial Healthcare located in Auburn to pay $28 million in punitive damages and $1.1 million actual damages for the death of an elderly woman placed under their care.

The demised, a 79-year-old Stockton woman named Frances Tanner who suffered mild dementia, was said to have broken her hip after a fall accident and suffered bed sores which eventually killed her.

Tanner’s daughter, Elizabeth Pao, filed a lawsuit alleging negligence and elderly abuse of Colonial and its parent company, Horizon West of Rocklin, which led to the death of her mother. She claimed for loss of companionship and pain and suffering caused by the death of her mother.

Colonial had faced other similar charges in the past and should have improved their services to their patients so that they won’t have to face lawsuits like this.

Record-High $24.3M Awarded in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Common carriers have a strict liability regarding accidents caused by their property and so will be responsible for the injury and damages it will cause.

Personal Injury Lawsuit case awarded 24.3 million

"Personal Injury Lawsuit case awarded 24.3 million."

A Sacramento jury has recently awarded a total of $24.3 million to a 14-year-old girl who was ran over by her father driving a truck that is listed as a “common carrier” and not a broker as argued by the defense. The amount breaks the $16 million record-high verdict in Sacramento awarded last year for a wrongful death.

The accident in September 2004 crushed the then 10-year-old girl’s pelvis. Her legal representative, who also represented the family who won the $16 million for a wrongful death last year, said that the girl will need a lot of surgeries in the future because of the accident.

The jury awarded $2.2 million for her past medical expenses, $8 million for her past non-economic damages including pain and suffering, $2.1 million for her future expenses, and $12 million for her future non-economic damages.

The girl may bear the life-long effects of the accident but the compensation should somehow help her cope with her ordeal.

Family Files Wrongful Death Charges after Fatal 2009 Salmonella Outbreak

Food manufacturing companies, including spice makers, are required to sell safe products to people because failure to do so can lead to severe sicknesses or deaths.

In fact, the family of a woman who reportedly died due to a salmonella infection last year has recently filed a wrongful death suit against a Union City spicemaker.

U.F. Union International, along with all the companies that have sold its products to the people, are facing a lawsuit that was filed by the loved ones of Donna Pierce, 69, from San Leandro, in the Alameda County Superior Court.

The suit rooted from a 2009 bacterial outbreak that is connected to the spices that Union International produced. The company recalled its Uncle Chen and Lian How brands of spices later on.

Pierce allegedly suffered from a salmonella infection when she ate contaminated white pepper after her lung surgery in February 2009. The woman died two months after.

According to reports, dozens of people all over Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California became sick due to this outbreak.

Hopefully, Pierce’s loved ones have already acquired the services of a skilled lawyer because establishing a company’s guilt in the death of a person who has eaten contaminated products is quite hard to prove in court.