Michael Jackson’s Father Drops Wrongful Death Claim against Conrad Murray

Surprisingly, the father of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had eventually dropped his wrongful death claim against the decedent’s former physician, Conrad Murray.

Joe Jackson, who once had been persuasive in battling in court over the untimely death of his son, recently dropped the lawsuit against the defendant Murray

According to reports, court documents proved that Joe’s request for dismissal was granted last August 13. Joe’s reason for dropping the case was not indicated in court filings; however, it was revealed that two legal representatives handling the case were previously ruled ineligible to practice law in California.

On Michael Jackson’s first death anniversary in June 2012, his family filed the wrongful death lawsuit alleging that Murray lied to paramedics and doctors about giving the King of Pop propofol, a substance used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia. The lawsuit further claimed that Murray failed to keep accurate medical records on Jackson.

Furthermore, the concert company AEG was also named in the lawsuit for allegedly being negligent in hiring Murray as Jackson’s personal physician.

The said lawsuit was initially refused to be heard by a federal judge, which was why it had to be transferred in a Los Angeles state court.

Meanwhile, although it was one less lawsuit to worry about for Murray, who remains in jail and currently appealing his case, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson is still firm about pursuing the case.

Apparently, no one knows why Joe dropped his wrongful death lawsuit against Murray, but the latter’s lawyer affirmed that the doctor did not pay the late singer’s father. It is not even certain whether Michael’s troubled relationship with his father during his lifetime has something to do with Joe’s previous decision of quitting in his claim.

Moving on, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer speculated that probably, those two lawyers who were declared as ineligible to handle the said case were not bar certified for and in the State of California. Accordingly, in order to become a licensed attorney and be able to practice law in a particular state, one must first the pass the state’s bar exam.

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