REI Issues Product Recall for 160 Novara Fusion bicycles

To all owners of the Novara Fusion bicycles:

Be informed that their importer REI (Recreational Equioment Inc.) has issued a product recall of 160 of these bicycles.

product recall REI recall Novara Fusion Bicycles

REI announces the recall of 160 Novara Fusion Bicycles (photo credit:

In the US CPSC website, REI indicated that they received reports that there is a risk that the steerer tube may detach from the fork that could cause the rider to lose control and leas to a bicycle accident.

The bikes affected are the espresoo colored Step Through and Fusion models.

The Step Through was sold in extra small/small, while the Fusion was available in medium, large, and extra large.

These bicycles were sold nationwide on REI retail stores between November 2009 and November 2010 and the prices range between $600 and $900.

To identify the affected bikes, you can check the serial numbers on its underside.

The affected models have the serial numbers U95Y07321, U96Y28393, or in the sequential range of the last four digits U96Y28876 through U96Y29128.

If you have one of these bicycles, stop using them immediately and contact REI for a replacement fork that will be installed for free.

For more information about the product recall, you can call REI at (800) 426-4840 anytime or go to REI’s website at

One thought on “REI Issues Product Recall for 160 Novara Fusion bicycles

  1. It’s nice to know that Recreational Equipment Inc. has made efforts to correct the bicycle’s part defect. I wonder if they also have much effort in informing affected customers. Likewise, I doubt users will immediately heed to the recall. The reality remains that busy people don’t want to be bothered by another day at the recall station. I just hope that manufacturers will be more responsible in adhering to safety standards to avoid hassles on “after sales”.

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