1-Year-Old Girl Struck and Killed by Pickup Truck

Children should always be supervised by an adult, especially if they are walking along a road that is occupied by many vehicles.

A 1-year-old girl recently died after she suddenly ran towards the path of a pickup of truck along Road 21 north of Avenue 7 in Madera County.

According to the authorities, the pickup driver identified as Jose Gallegos, 63, from Fresno, tried to stop the vehicle when he saw the toddler. However, the girl was still hit by the vehicle and she sustained fatal injuries because of it.

This accident would have been avoided if someone stopped the girl from running into the vehicle’s path.

One thought on “1-Year-Old Girl Struck and Killed by Pickup Truck

  1. Parents have the responsibility to prevent their children from dashing into the street. It means exercising caution when fetching children to school or walking near vehicles. On the other hand, drivers are required by California law to limit speed rate at 25 mph. Doing so can increase reaction time to stop the vehicle. It’s so sad that both adults were unable to take safety measures to avoid the fatal accident.

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