2 Killed in Contra Costa Motorcycle Accident

Two people were killed after the motorcycle they were riding was struck by a Honda Civic in Contra Costa County this afternoon.

According to the California Highway patrol, the Honda Civic was forced to crash into the motorcycle after a black Ford F-250 made an unsafe lane change on the eastbound lane of State Highway 4 near Lone Tree Way at around 4:40 pm.

Motorcycle Accident Antioch Crash

“Two people on this motorcycle were killed in a crash near Antioch Tuesday afternoon.” (photo credit: cbs5.com)

The Ford F2-50, which was towing a white boat, was tailgating the Honda Civic before he made the unsafe maneuver.

The driver of the Ford did not stop after the accident and is now being searched for by the police as a hit-and-run driver.

The driver and passenger of the motorcycle were brought to the Kaiser Permanente Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Hopefully the driver of the Ford will be found by authorities immediately.

Although he was not in the collision, his actions proximately caused the motorcycle accident.

If not for his alleged negligence, starting from his tailgating to his unsafe lane change maneuver, the collision between the Honda Civic and the motorcycle would not have occurred and lives would not have been lost.

2 thoughts on “2 Killed in Contra Costa Motorcycle Accident

  1. I agree with you Jane! The actions of the Ford driver such as tailgating and making an unsafe maneuver directly caused the fatal accident. The driver also worsened his offense when he fled after the incident occurred. I hope he will be captured immediately.

  2. hmmm, the way I heard it was that the driver of the Honda was running out of room because the lane was ending, she wasn’t paying attention and of course at the last minute when she saw she couldn’t get over she ended up in the oncoming lane. But lets blame the 46 year old man who had been driving for 20 years versus the teenage driver who was driving too fast maybe? Makes since to me. And by the way when the driver of the truck found out what had happened he immediately turned himself in, so I wouldn’t exactly call this a hit and run. Sounds like to me there are two sides to every story folks.

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