2 Sports Cars Ruined in Pacific Coast highway Car Crash

The injured parties in this blog are really the pride and pockets of the car owners.

Just the other day, 2 sports cars were ruined when they fell into a marsh after a collision in the Pacific Coast highway.

According Huntington Beach Police, Melvin Brown, 52, was weaving in and out of traffic at about 150 mph aboard his Corvette when he slammed into the rear of an Infiniti G35 Sedan.

Both cars were sent flying into a wetland adjacent to Bolsa Chica State Beach.

Both drivers sustained non life-threatening injuries.

Brown was later arrested for suspicion of DUI.

I’m guessing the Infiniti driver will be filing a claim against Brown for the expensive repair of his car.

He didn’t buy his Infiniti to just let it rot in a marsh.

I’ll assume that Brown has a comprehensive insurance as well, but I am also pretty sure this will raise his insurance premiums.

Can you say high risk-driver??

He will probably need a DUI lawyer as well to advocate for him.

I’m pretty sure wants to get the least amount of penalties possible if he is found guilty.

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