Riverside Collision Kills Man and his Daughter

A head-on collision in Riverside the other night claimed the life of three people, including a man and his daughter.

The incident happened along Florida Avenue along Highway 74 when the Chevy Malibu that 30-year-old Donald Graves was driving drifted on the opposite lane and collided with a Honda Accord.

Graves and the Accord Driver, Andrew Huizar, 20, died at the scene of the car accident.

Grave’s three year old daughter Dakota, who was in a backward facing car seat, was also pronounced dead later at the Hemet Valley Medical Center.

One of the possible causes that is being looked at by CHP is that Graves may have made a dangerous turn along the highway.

Our prayers go out to the families of the victims.

We heard that it could really be dangerous on that stretch right there.

Some even call that stretch of Highway 74 “Bloody Alley” because there are a lot of major accidents happening in the area.

Hope motorist that are passing the area will be more careful especially when negotiating turns.

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