Covina Man Faces Murder Charges for Fatal DUI Car Accident that Killed Passengers

Too late to regret his actions, a Covina man might face some serious jail time after causing a fatal DUI that killed two of his lady passengers last Tuesday, January 26.

The man was identified as 27-year-old Alan Michael McConnell and his passengers were Renee Hardy, 20, and Telassie “Lassie” Dague, 22.

Dague, apparently, is the owner of the car that McConnell crashed.

Anyway, McConnell is now being charged with two counts of murder because of the vehicle accident which could land him in jail for a very long time.

And it seems driving drunk is just one of the stupid things that he did that day.

Aside from driving under the influence, he was also driving on a suspended license which is probably connected to his previous DUI case.

His previous DUI case also probably caused his charges to be bumped from vehicular manslaughter to murder.
And if that was not enough, he was also involved in a minor car accident minutes or even seconds prior to the fatal crash that killed his companions.

In fact, he was trying to get away from the accident when he lost control and struck a tree— hard.

I’m sure he is sorry now, but apologies won’t cut it anymore since lives have been lost.

He had a lot of chance to prevent this tragedy but wasn’t able to.

He could have not driven on a suspended license, he could have not driven while under the influence of alcohol and he could have not driven away from the first car accident.

But he chose to, now he has to face the consequences.

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