9–vehicle Collision in Monterey Killed 3

multiple car accidentThree people were killed in a vehicle accident involving nine cars last February 22 in Monterey County, California.

According to initial investigations, a suspected drunken driver who was trying to reach for her cell phone caused the 9-vehicle collision.

The three fatalities were identified as Maria Ochoa, 35, from Pleasanton, Rafael Zambrano Llamas, 37, Graciela Hernandez Llamas, 39. The victims were riding in one of the nine cars involved at the accident. The fourth occupant, who was taken to the hospital due to serious injuries sustained, remained unidentified.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Zoltan Treiner said that the victims came from a funeral in King City and were heading home when the tragic accident occurred.
The said multiple car crash happened just north of the Jolod Road exit of Highway 101 in King City at around the 8:45 in the evening. A Ford Explorer driven by Vivian Ramirez, 42, from Gonzales, crossed at the center divider and crashed against the Volkswagen driven by Llamas, who was on the opposite lane. Treiner said that the suspected drunken driver was reaching for her cell phone, and then  lost control of her car and crashed straight on to the other motorists. As a result of her negligence, she created a multiple vehicle mishap and left several injured people.

Ramirez also sustained serious injuries, but it doesn’t make her excused from all her liabilities resulting from the collision. She was arrested for driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter, according to the CHP.

On January 1, 2009, a Wireless Communication Device Law has been implemented in California. The law prohibits California motorists from using or handling mobile phones while driving. Nevertheless, motorists still keep on disobeying the traffic rules and regulations. Therefore, such fatal vehicle accidents due to other people’s negligence often happen.

Victims from such accidents may file for a claim for the injuries and damages they sustained. The victims may seek help from an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney to guide them through the claim process and to make sure that they would get what they deserve for their compensation.

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