9-Year-Old Killed in Single Fatal Car Accident in Temecula

We found this heartbreaking story at PE.com.

A fatal single car accident in Temecula claimed the life of a 9-year-old girl and seriously injured her 17-year-old step brother.

The tragedy is that the likely cause of the accident is that their mother was probably under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol when the crash happened.

According to reports, Karen Faye Honeycutt, 41, just picked up her two children Chloe, 9, and Zachery, 8, from Pauba Elementary with her step son Charles Williams Jr., 17.

They were on their way to Great Oaks High where another of her children was studying when Honeycutt lost control of her Jeep Grand Cherokee on Vail Ranch Parkway.

The Jeep proceeded to crash into a concrete light and then slammed into a tree.

Chloe and Charles, who may not have been wearing seatbelts, were thrown out of the vehicle.

Lorraine Yelton of Temecula, who was driving with her daughters, saw the crash and stopped at the scene.

Another person helped Honeycutt while she focused her attention on Chloe, who sustained very serious injuries due to the crash.

As Lorraine felt that Chloe was slipping away she comforted the child by singing to her and prayed for her.

Chloe died in her arms in peace.

That is when their brother from Great Oaks High arrived from school recognizing the crash and witnessing the tragedy that befell his family.

He asked Lorraine why her sister is not talking and deep inside he may already know the answer.

Charles, meanwhile, sustained serious back injuries had to be transported to a nearby hospital with Zachary who sustained minor injuries.

Karen Honeycutt, on the other hand, sustained neck injuries and is being detained in a hospital ward after being charged with suspicion of drunken driving and murder.

She was allegedly moving in vey high speeds and when asked about what happened after the crash, she does not seem to remember.

This prompted authorities to get her tested to see if she was under the influence.

As of writing, there was no information about the test results yet.

For the full story, check “Crash witness recounts girl’s final minutes.”

One thought on “9-Year-Old Killed in Single Fatal Car Accident in Temecula

  1. The mother should have known what’s best for her children. She should have not driven in high speed or negligently fail to install or fasten the seatbelts for kids. If the Blood Alcohol Content test result exceeds 0.08 percent, that mother deserves to be in prison.

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