911 Call Mix-Up Prevented Immediate Rescue after Crash

Immediate help is supposed to be given to a person who has called 911 after being involved in an accident.

911 Call prevented rescue after crash

"911 mixup call prevented immediate rescue after crash." (photo credit: accessnorthga.com)

However, this was not given to a woman who was recently involved in a crash in Roseville

.. The reason??… A simple call mix-up.

According to reports, the woman made a wrong turn right into Blue Oaks Drive as she was leaving Thunder Valley. She suddenly drove through a dead end signage before going straight into a ravine, which is over 250 feet away from view of traffic and the road.

She immediately called 911 to ask for assistance but a mix up occurred due to unknown reasons.

Rescuers were only able to reach her after three hours when a freelance news photo journalist spotted the accident area and notified the police.

The woman was extricated by emergency crews out of the car and was brought to a hospital with probable back injuries.

Reports said authorities are still trying to determine why the crash occurred.

Hopefully, 911 operators will be more responsible in addressing calls because a person may die next time a mix-up happens.

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