Actress Reese Witherspoon Wears Black Eye after LA Car Crash

The Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon was spotted on Wednesday in Santa Monica, wearing a black eye on her lovely face. The formerly flawless celeb ramped on the streets days after her pedestrian accident in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Witherspoon has headed to a friend’s party in Los Angeles showing a black eye and bandaged forehead. The Walk the Line icon was seen unloading gifts from her car’s trunk days after a car hit her in Los Angeles.

Witherspoon was jogging in Los Angeles when an 84-year-old driver struck her. The actress was knocked on the floor and sustained minor face injuries. She was treated at a local hospital and was released the same day. She was recuperating from her injuries at home, reports said.

Reports said the award-winning actress is not pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the elderly driver. Witherspoon’s representative also affirmed that the upcoming filming of This Means War and Mud will not be affected.

Sustaining minor injuries and not pressing any charges against the elderly driver has its consequences. Failure to file the lawsuit on time may nullify any future claims on the accident. In California, the statute of limitation for personal injury claims is up to two years.

If the injured person chooses not to file the accident suit, and the time limit already lapsed; the court will no longer accept a claim on the accident. The victim then forfeits his or her rights to receive compensation for medical expenses, emotional loss, or property loss. If the victim suddenly discovers a complication from the injury, he or she will have a hard time convincing the judges to reconsider the case.

Filing the lawsuit immediately after the accident is important and necessary. It allows the victim to gather key evidence at the accident scene, including witness statements.
The plaintiff’s lawyer will also find it easier to substantiate the case, using fresh testimonies from the witnesses as well as credible accident reconstruction. More over, the victim can gather up-to-date medical records to show proof of the injuries sustained.

Well, the blonde babe may no longer need the payment of the elderly driver as she is capable of financing her own medication; such a lucky 84-year-old motorist then.

However, if the elderly driver can get away with the accident; a lot of citizens may try their luck also in hitting Hollywood celebs on LA roads. Perhaps Witherspoon should think about preventing her accident case to become a precedent of liable-free crashes.

As for her fans, it is still better to assert a legally blonde attitude after a pedestrian accident in Los Angeles.

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