Almost 150 Drivers Arrested for DUI during Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend was created in order for people to remember the soldiers who have given up their lives for the country. However, other people chose to party, drink, or get high during the holiday weekend, as seen in the number of drivers who were arrested for DUI during this period in Orange County.

According to reports, around 148 people were arrested on suspicion of DUI. This number is slightly higher compared to the 139 arrests that were made the previous year.

Authorities arrested people after performing saturation patrols and setting up checkpoints all over the area.

Although this move was done in order to lessen the risks of an accident during the Memorial Day weekend, some people were reportedly killed after they encountered a negligent and/or intoxicated driver.

One thought on “Almost 150 Drivers Arrested for DUI during Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Partying on weekend often lead to drunk driving. This special holiday heightens the fun for most party motorists. Sadly, they end up being infamous for violating the country’s basic DUI law.

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