Amputee Hit Again by Same Train after Two Weeks

Usually, if someone gets into an accident that caused him much pain, say a vehicle collision, it would take time for that person to have confidence to drive again. However, this recent accident is hard to believe as the same accident happened to the same man in two weeks time.

A man whose left hand had to be amputated because of a train accident two weeks ago was again hit by the same Metrolink train at the Irvine Transportation Center – luckily this time, he only sustained minor injuries in his hand and arms.

In a very similar scenario about two weeks ago, the unidentified 57-year-old Contra Costa man was run over by a train after falling from the passenger platform for reasons he could not explain to authorities.

The February 8 incident severed the man’s left hand from his wrist after he was dragged for more than 80 feet after he fell from the platform of the Laguna Niguel station. He was questioned by authorities but he also wasn’t certain how things happened that time.

Commuters ought to be more careful not to stand too close from the platform’s edge in order to avoid falling over and being hit by an approaching train.

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