Bay Area City Council Candidate Injured in Pedestrian Accident

Richmond Police are currently investigating if the pedestrian accident that injured a bay Area City Council Candidate was just plain old negligent driving or was it intentional and politically motivated.

The injured candidate was identified as Eduardo Martinez, who is a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance slate.

pedestrian accident Bay Area City Council Candidate Struck

Eduardo Martinez, a Richmond City Council Candidate, sustained minor injuries in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident (Photo Credit:

According to Richmond Police, Martinez was monitoring a polling station in Richmond when a blue minivan struck him and knocked him on the ground.

The police are still looking for the driver who fled the accident scene.

Martinez was brought to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center where doctors, fortunately, reported that he did not sustain any serious injuries.

According to Richmond police, when caught, the driver may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

If the incident was politically motivated, then it is a poor attempt at Martinez’s life.

I believe police will soon be able to identify and apprehend whoever hit the candidate and he should thank his lucky stars that Martinez was not seriously hurt, or worse, killed.

If Martinez was killed in his (or her) little stunt then he could be facing murder raps for his actions.

Hopefully, the police gets this guy so that he can start learning his lessons the hard way.

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