Bicyclist Hit by Southbound Train while Avoiding Northbound Train

A male bicyclist who tried to avoid being hit by a northbound train along Olive Avenue and Golden State Boulevard in Fresno succeeded in his goal but was unfortunately hit by another train that was moving in the opposite direction.

Reports stated that the bicyclist, who is in his 30’s, was wearing ear buds while standing on a different set of tracks. This might have prevented him from hearing the warning sounds coming from the approaching southbound train.

The impact pushed the rider away from the tracks. He was brought to Community Regional Center to receive treatment for his injuries. Police said he is expected to live.

The Union Pacific Railroad has already started an operation that covers drivers and pedestrians who disregard crossing signals that were placed along road intersections.

This move may hopefully raise the awareness of people regarding the danger of ignoring all traffic signs, not just crosswalk signals.

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