Blind Driver Injured after Hit-and-Run Accident

An unidentified blind man was seriously injured after being hit by a vehicle that was running a red light in an intersection in Anaheim.

The blind man, who was with a red-tipped white cane, was reportedly crossing the intersection of Gilbert Street and Lincoln Avenue when he was struck by a 65-year-old driver who fled the scene after the accident.

Blind man seriously injured after hit and run

Blind man seriously injured after hit and run

The pedestrian was thrown about 30 feet and was rushed to UCI Medical Center to be treated for his serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle surrendered to Irvine police hours after the accident. He was detained on suspicion of hit-and-run.

Drivers must yield to blind pedestrians AT ALL TIMES. Once the driver spots a pedestrian carrying a white cane, with or without a red tip, he must stop his vehicle not more than five feet from the crosswalk to allow the pedestrian safely cross the road.

Keep in mind that these pedestrians rely on the sound of the approaching vehicle and so drivers of hybrid and electric cars must be more cautious and alert when nearing a crosswalk or making a turn to prevent these accidents from happening.

2 thoughts on “Blind Driver Injured after Hit-and-Run Accident

  1. Considering the fact that the driver is already 65 year old, he may have failed to notice the red light and the crossing blind man. If that is so, then why is he still driving a car? He poses a great risk to other motorists, as well as pedestrians – just like what happened to the poor blind man. Fortunately, he surrendered to the police. Maybe he was just shocked with what happened.

  2. Maybe he’s old and vulnerable, but a violation is a violation. He should face the consequences of his actions, and I am sure that he knows that already. The government should be more particular in allowing older people to drive vehicles. I hope this serves as a lesson for elderly drivers out there. If you think your reflexes aren’t that fast anymore, just let younger people do the driving while you do the storytelling.

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