Car Hits Girls on Crosswalk to School

Two 17-year-old girls were seriously injured after they were hit by a vehicle on a crosswalk while they were on their way to school in Sacramento.

pedestrian accident Alexis Laurent injured Sacramento crash

Alexis Laurent is one of two girls who are currently in critical condition after a pedestrian accident in Sacramento (Photo Credit:

Reports show that the accident along Broadway at 39th Street occurred as the girls identified as Alexis Laurent and Daquisha Bean were walking to their school at about 8am. They were said to be hit on a marked crosswalk by a Scion that was going about 30 mph.

The impact threw both girls at least 50 feet away. They were initially assessed to be in critical condition and were rushed to UC Davis Medical Center where they are expected to recover.

The unidentified driver stayed on the scene and was not charged. Authorities are investigating whether the glare of the sun was a factor in the accident.

Motorists are required to slow down when nearing marked crosswalks. However, the view of this particular driver may have been obstructed by the low angle of the sun which prevented him from noticing the crossing pedestrians.

On the other hand, pedestrians must also be cautious of passing vehicles even if they are on marked crosswalks. They must check and make sure that the motorists are aware that they are about to cross to prevent unfortunate pedestrian accidents like this.

Also, those driving near areas where schools and churches are located must be more cautious of crossing pedestrians especially in the morning.

We do hope that the girls will recover from this accident quickly and would not sustain any permanent injuries from it.

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