Car-Train Collision Injures Four in Downtown LA

Never underestimate the speed of an approaching train. Always be aware of signal lights and gates that will warn motorists in the event that a train would cross.

train accident blue line collides car LA

Four people were injured after a Blue Line Train collided with a car in downtown LA (photo credit:

In this recent accident, the single traffic violation of a car driver almost killed him and could have seriously injured others onboard. Fortunately, no one died in this train accident that certainly could have been a lot worse.

At least four people were injured after a car got into the path of a light-rail commuter train near the 18th Street intersection Wednesday afternoon.

Reports show that the unidentified driver of the car tried to make an illegal left turn and crossed the path of southbound Metro Blue Line train that was going along the Flower Street.

The driver sustained serious injuries and was taken to a hospital with two other train passengers who, fortunately, don’t appear to have life-threatening injuries. Another passenger was treated at the scene for his minor injuries.

All four complained of neck and back pain that is common in collisions.

Whiplash is commonly experienced by people involved in vehicular collisions. The pain is caused by too much stretching of the neck muscle as the person is launched forward, especially if he is wearing restraints such as seatbelts.

In mild cases of whiplash, the person can alleviate the pain with home remedies such as cold compress. But, there are cases when the person would need medication and treatments from doctors.

Authorities are still investigating the factors involved in this recent train accident.

We hope that everyone will have a speedy recovery.

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