Carl’s Jr. Crasher Charged with Manslaughter and DUI

The guy who crashed his SUV into a Carl’s Jr. Restaurant in El Cajon was finally charged with vehicular manslaughter and suspicion of DUI.

Richard Daus, 74, may face up to fifteen years in prison if found guilty.

According to police, Daus’ BAC level two hours after the accident was 0.22%

0.22%!!! That is more than double and almost three times the legal limit.

The victim was identified as 66-year old Randy Eugene Smith, a regular patron who was just eating his breakfast at a corner booth when Daus came crashing.

According to news reports (and the surveillance camera that caught most of what happened), Daus was trying pull up to a drive-through ATM nearby but was having trouble aligning his car. He went back and forth then decided to open the door and slide the car into the machine.

That is when he lost control and the car flew more than 300 feet before landing into the restaurant.

Poor Smith was hurled across the restaurant and he died before he could be taken to a hospital.

The police investigated the vehicle and found no mechanical malfunction.

So most likely, just another case of a DUI related car accident.

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