Cathy Moriarty Denies Hit-and-Run Despite Car Damage

Actress Cathy Moriarty is the latest celebrity to be involved in a car accident investigation.

The Academy Award nominee is now being investigated after reports that she fled the scene when she rear-ended a vehicle in New York last

celebrity car accident Cathy Moriarty investigated hit and run

Academy Award nominee Cathy Moriarty is being investigated due to reports that she left a scene of a car accident without leaving her information in New York (photo credit:


The accident was reported after a blue Volvo was rear-ended along I-495 in New York by a driver who reportedly had a red light and left without leaving identification.

Witnesses say that the actress was the alleged hit-and-run driver and when authorities went to Moriarty’s home, they found her silver Chrysler with frontal damages that could have resulted from the collision.

The actress known for her role in “Raging Bull” was also involved in a car accident during the earlier years of her career which required her to undergo physical and emotional rehabilitation.

Moriarty could have been traumatized from her previous accident. However, she shouldn’t have fled the scene especially because occupants of the other vehicle might have been injured because of her driving.

Though Moriarty maintains that she wasn’t involved in the said accident, pieces of evidence (like the frontal damages to her vehicle as well as eyewitnesses accounts) link her to the recent hit-and-run accident.

Drivers who might face similar situations must stop and check if the people from the other vehicle are fine. After this, they should exchange insurance information and wait for authorities to arrive and make a report about the incident.

We surely do hope that none of the occupants of the blue Volvo was injured and that Moriarty will own up her actions if she really did cause the collision.

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