Couple Unharmed when Car Bursts into Flames

A couple fortunately escaped from injuries after the Lexus they were in suddenly caught fire on the westbound 22 along South Glassell Street in Santa Ana.

Vahicle Accident Car burst into flames

A couple was unharmed after their vehicle was fully engulfed in flames on the westbound 22 at South Glassell Street. Charles and Janet Lanning were able to escape the burning car just before it burst into flames. (photo credit: ocregister)

Charles Lanning and his wife were traveling along the freeway when they noticed that the vehicle’s engine sounded different that the usual. Charles attempted to pull off the freeway, but ended up on the right shoulder of the Glassell on-ramp.

According to reports, they were able to get out of the car before it burst into flames.

Garden Grove and Santa Ana firefighters worked together just to put out the fire.

Charles should have made sure that the car’s engine is in a good condition before he traveled with his wife. It is a good thing that no one was injured in the incident. If Charles and his wife were unable to get out of the vehicle immediately, they might have sustained severe or fatal injuries in the fire.

One thought on “Couple Unharmed when Car Bursts into Flames

  1. This is a classic example of car owners who do not check their cars before hitting the road. Even when you’re so busy doing something or you’ll be late for work, you should not drive your car without ensuring its safety. Good thing the couple managed to escape on time. If they failed to come out of the vehicle soon enough, they would have been roasted to death.

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