Court Sets Hearing for Amanda Bynes’ Minor Vehicle Accident

One of today’s most troubled Hollywood stars, Amanda Bynes, recently received a hearing date related to her drunk driving which resulted into a minor vehicle accident last April.

Reports said that Bynes was set to appear before a Beverly Hills court on June 6.

However, although there was a hearing date scheduled, the District Attorney’s office spokesperson said that the actress has not been officially charged; but, in the near future or definitely after the scheduled hearing, Bynes could possibly be charged.

It can be recalled that last April 6, Bynes was arrested for drunk driving after she tried to pass a Los Angeles Sherriff’s car at an intersection in Santa Monica. That night seemed so unfortunate for Bynes, since as she tried to swerve on the Sheriff’s car, her car struck the right rear panel of the officer’s car and caused minor paint damage.

According to the apprehending officers who arrested Bynes, the actress looked so troubled and impaired that night. Bynes was released the next morning after her father paid her $5,000 bail at the West Hollywood Sheriff Station.

Several weeks after Bynes’ DUI arrest, the actress was again involved in a minor fender bender in May near an intersection in California. However, the actress was not given any citation since the authorities found a reasonable cause to believe Bynes when she said that she wasn’t aware that she had swiped a car.

Apparently, luck seems to be quiet elusive with Bynes these past few months. Obviously, she needs a very good Los Angeles accident attorney to defend her in her subsequent vehicle accidents.

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