Crash Claims Three Young Lives

A head-on collision has claimed the lives of three young children in Madera County and caused injuries to five other occupants.

The children were reportedly riding in a westbound Chrysler van when it hit an eastbound Toyota after overcorrecting along Avenue 7 1/2. The driver of the van only sustained minor injuries while the injuries of the four Toyota occupants ranged from minor to major.

The three children died at the scene and it was not immediately known if they were safely strapped in their seats when the accident occurred. Occupants who sustained serious injuries were airlifted to an area hospital.

When travelling with children, guardians and companions must always prioritize their safety.
They must be properly strapped in their child safety seats so that they would not be thrown forward in case a collision occurs.

However, the children’s ages in which car seats are necessary differ in each state and so parents should be aware of state laws mandating the type of car seat that their children must use.

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