Dad Run Over, Children Hurt by Elderly Driver

Elderly drivers should be more cautious as their driving skills are not as sharp as it used to be. It is important that they be alert and be free from effects of any medications that could affect their good judgment each time they go out and drive.

Elderly Driver Runs over Man, Injures Children

"Elderly driver runs over man in Cosco parking lot."

An 86-year-old driver of a Cadillac accidentally run over a man and injured his children inside the family SUV as he tried to exit a parking lot in San Diego recently.

The elderly driver was reportedly pulling out of the parking lot of a Costco store when he hit a vehicle behind him and run over the man standing next to the SUV where his two young children were eating pizzas.

The Cadillac then hit the family SUV sending the two children out of the vehicle through an unclosed door. The vehicle continued to speed up before it hit the side of the building in Morena Boulevard.

The children sustained minor injuries but their 40-year-old father had an internal bleeding, a broken pelvis, and a punctured lung.

The man was not charged but his driver’s license was suspended as authorities continue to investigate the accident.

More and more cases of elderly drivers who mistake gas for brake pedals are reported and some of them even step on the pedals harder as a reflex. There should be a stricter battery of tests that elderly drivers have to pass before having their licenses renewed.

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