Double Shot At Love Star Rikki Mongeon Showing Signs of Recovery

Just an update on the condition of Erica “Rikki” Mongeon.

Rikki Mongeon Showing Signs of Recovery

"Rikki Mongeon Showing Signs of Recovery." (photo credit: celebritieswithdiseases)

The Double Shot at Love star’s not yet out of danger but her condition is improving.

According to her manager, Rikki’s eyes were open and she is responsive.

The doctors have reduced her medication and replaced her breathing tube with an oxygen mask.

Rikki’s medications were supposed to be reduced last weekend but after they did that, the swelling did not subside and she had to be placed on medication again.

But finally, it seems there is progress on her condition and everyone is optimistic about her recovery.

Rikki was seriously injured when the car she was riding with her twin, Victoria “Vikki” Mongeon, collided with a semi in Bakersfield.

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