Driver Dies after Hitting Tree in Tulare County

Drivers should be cautious while behind the wheel in order to protect themselves as well as the road users that they will encounter from possible harm. Remember, a driver’s negligence can result in his own death so everyone should realize the importance of following the imposed traffic rules.

A driver who likely lost control of his 2000 Volkswagen Jetta was killed after he hit a tree along Highway 99 in Tulare County.

Reports said the unidentified driver was traveling south when he moved towards the center median, hastily swerved back across the southbound lanes, and crashed into a tree. He was then ejected from the vehicle, causing him to sustain fatal injuries.

Authorities are now investigating the cause of the fatal crash and are trying to determine if alcohol was involved in it.

One thought on “Driver Dies after Hitting Tree in Tulare County

  1. I think authorities should also investigate whether the driver was wearing seatbelt at the time of accident; Also, if the seatbelt is effective enough to prevent ejection. The seatbelt supposed to protect the driver from aggravated injuries. Sadly, this one ends up in a fatal crash.

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