Driver Escapes from Injuries in Anaheim Rollover Accident

Rollover accidents may result to severe injuries or death, especially if the driver was ejected from his vehicle.

It is fortunate that a Ford Ranger driver was uninjured when his car rolled over after being hit by another vehicle in Anaheim.

According to reports, the pickup driver was traveling southbound on Rio Vista Street when he was suddenly struck by a Dodge Dynasty that was moving eastbound along Lincoln Avenue.

The Dodge hit the pickup on its side, thus causing the latter to roll over.

Reports said the pickup driver was trapped inside the vehicle. Firefighters were able to save him by breaking the pickup’s front windshield.

It is surprising to know that the pickup driver appeared to be unharmed after his vehicle was hit by another vehicle and after it rolled over.

Meanwhile, the Dodge driver, who appears to be the one who caused the incident, paid for his mistake when he sustained injuries to his right wrist and hand.

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