Driver Loses her Mother to a Rollover Accident Because of a Dropped Ice Cream

A 25-year-old woman lost her mother in a rollover accident all because of a dropped ice cream.

Rollover accident due to dropped ice cream

"Driver Loses her Mother to a Rollover Accident Because of a Dropped Ice Cream." (photo credit:

According to CHP, the woman was driving a Toyota Prius with her mom as passenger along the eastbound lane of Interstate 40 when she dropped her ice cream and everything went wrong from there.

Her mom removed her seatbelt and they tried to clean up the mess but that took her attention off the road and the vehicle started to drift.

And running at 70 mph, the driver lost control and the car rolled over in the median.

Her mother was ejected from the vehicle because she was no longer wearing her seatbelt while she may have broken her arm.

Distractions are actually the most common cause of car accidents.

DUI and reckless driving may be the one that grabs the headlines the most but there are actually more accidents caused by unfocused drivers.

It may not always be fatal but it is no less dangerous.

And as shown by what happened to the woman and her mother, it just takes a moment of distraction to cause a tragedy.

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