Drivers, Passenger Killed while Exchanging Information

In accidents, motorists are expected to stop and exchange information so that they can discuss what should be done. When pulling over, they must make sure that they are parked on the shoulder and that other motorists are aware of their stationary vehicle so as not to be involved in another accident.

Passenger killed while exchanging information

"When pulling over, make sure you are parked on the shoulder." (photo credit:

Three people, two male drivers and a female passenger, were recently hit and killed after they got out of their vehicle to exchange information in an earlier multi-car collision in the eastbound lanes of 101 freeway in Sherman Oaks.

The drivers were identified as Santiago Vasquez, 24, and Neil Hillan, 47 while the passenger was identified as 41-year-old Inglewood woman Norma Najera.

The third driver who was in an accident with Vasquez and Hillan was able to escape the second accident uninjured.

The driver in the second crash, who sustained moderate injuries, was not cited as authorities closed down the road and investigated the accident.

The drivers of the stationary vehicles should have put on warning devices so that motorists who are oblivious to the accident will be warned that the vehicles were stopped. Also, the driver in the second accident should have been more cautious and notice the vehicles so that he could have prevented the accident that killed the three.

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