Drunk Driver Triggers, Survives Fatal Chain Accident

In most accidents involving drunk drivers, the offender is almost always the one to sustain lesser injuries while the victim of his negligence dies or is seriously hurt in the crash.

This unfortunate truth is once again proven when a drunk driver only sustained minor injuries as he caused a fatal accident that has killed one and injured others.

dui car accident drunk driver triggers survives chain accident

A suspected drunk driver triggered a chain accident that killed one man in Carmel mountain Ranch (Photo Credit: 10news.com)

A 65-year-old man was killed in San Diego’s Carmel Mountain Ranch recently after the stopped vehicle he was in got involved in a chain accident that is possibly caused by a drunk driver.

Reports show that the 57-year-old driver who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol has rear-ended a line of vehicles that were yielding to a stop sign.

Marc William Durham, of Rancho Bernardo, was said to be in one of the stopped vehicles when the accident occurred. Durham was pronounced dead on the scene as some occupants of other stopped vehicles had minor injuries.

The unidentified drunk driver was brought to a hospital to be treated for his minor injuries.

I really hope that the drunk driver realizes the consequences of his negligence as Durham’s wife won’t be able to live with him in their condominium anymore. She will be burdened with her loss of companionship just because a driver was irresponsible and drove even when he isn’t supposed to.

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